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Dominio - Some weird alternate history mod I made

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I made a scenario I call Dominio. It's some weird alternate history I made, in which there is no one specific POD, but rather a separate set of events. Some notable things:

-America, Canada, and a few other places are Communist

-Britain underwent a Fascist revolution, causing the Monarchy to be exiled to Australia, where Edward VIII has set up a fascist-monarchy

-The French Empire is back under Napoleon VI

-The Qing is still around, albeit it did kind of explode

-Japan took some puppets out of the Qingsplosion

-Russia is democratic and just weaker overall, lacking all that eastern territory it was supposed to colonize

-Italy hasn't unified

-India was never successfully colonized, leading to the rise of the (fictional) Vijat Empire

If you have any trouble downloading it, I'll be happy to help.




Dominio Europe.jpg

Dominio North America.jpg

Dominio South America.jpg

Dominio Asia.jpg

Dominio Oceania.jpg

Dominio Africa.jpg

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