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Thousand Week Reich mod for AoC2!?

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The beta will be released with a german civil war scenario as well as a europe scenario (making your own scenario is discouraged as some tags are not added) pretty soon, if i figure out how to export them.

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37 minutes ago, Prophetthe1 said:

Sadly, i will have to delay the beta release due to it being highly unstable, i will be rebuilding it to make it more stable for you all. Apologies.


No problem. Don't overwork yourself 🙂

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11 hours ago, Prophetthe1 said:

so besides twr i have another mod loaded onto my pc, Red Flood. I could produce a red flood mod as early as tonight with new music and stuff to hold you all over while i work on fixing the twr mod, Would you guys appreciate that?

Sounds good!

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On 12/2/2020 at 1:18 AM, Prophetthe1 said:

Help Wanted!

in order to speed up development, i need your help! Currently i am seeking someone who can edit flags to the correct size/format to where i can just drag and drop into the mod. This would allow me to speed up development (flags are the reason i am taking some time) and would be greatly appreciated! You of course will be credited (and gain a special rank when i make the discord server)


I would Help you only if I'd knew modding

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On 11/28/2020 at 9:41 PM, Prophetthe1 said:

Hello all! I was browsing around and realized nobody has finished a mod on one of the best hoi4 mods to date: Thousand Week Reich! Development will begin soon with new features such as:

- An updated UI

- 11 New ideologies with Custom Icons (maybe even more, see a later post)

- Tons of new Nations

- New Formables

- And much more!


Updates will be given every week for the progress of the mod.

The Current Roadmap is:

- Adding the new map ✓

- Adding new UI ✓

- Adding civs ✓ (for beta)

- Adding custom sounds/music ✓

- Creating scenarios

- Adding Formables, Events, and Leaders




How do you make modes?

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On 11/30/2020 at 5:28 PM, Prophetthe1 said:

Your choice!

You guys have a choice to make! Besides Germany in Both scenarios and the Reichskommissariat scenarios, what countries should have flushed out events in the beta (most countries will have at least 1 event in the beta). Pick your top 3 and post them here please! Your choices are:
The French State





Serbia (Government of National Salvation)



SS Banat

SS Gotenland


This whole thread has been dead for a while but 👏give👏Croatia👏events

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