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AoH II: The actual tomorrow

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So, I started to make a new scenario called 'Actual Tomorrow' based on a lot of random stuff. Don't forget: It's not meant to offend anyone. It's just my look and everything I do in this scenario will not be true probably and will not turn like. maybe only some independence changes or smth. It's just a scenario which is whole custom and made by me, because I saw a lot of scenarios that actually happened a lot of years ago. So why not to make a scenario which is absolutely different? The thing is that I only have Europe so far and I started with Asia and Africa but the hardest thing will be russia cuz it's GIANT lol


Update 1 (12/4/2020)
So I've completed americas and europe is done as well... Asia needs some changes, Africa is undone so far and I did not even start with australia. Oceania have 3 provinces so far so not enough lol. Next I completed russia and china...
Just keep waitin' I'll progress

Quick Update 1 /Update 1 (12/4/2020)
So umm africa is done and I started continuing to asia. Also some info: Year is 2100 and no mods are used.

Update 2 (12/7/2020)
Entire map is now completed! I also added events and alliances! Now just set up the file...

Update 3 (12/7/2020)
You can now download it! (Unzip it and then read 'how to open!.txt')

Actual Tomorrow.zip

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