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Custom scenario, automatic diplomacy/leaders fix...

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Hello, I've got this issue when I make a custom scenario, the nations will get leaders assigned automatically to them. And when left blank, they'll automatically get filled out diplomatic ties.

So let's say I wanted to have a neutral or an untouched relationship between the Netherlands and Belgium, to prevent them from getting to war with eachother, but if I leave it blank/on zero, the game will just get the preprogrammed relationship. I also don't want to give them a positive relationship to make it only be able to be peaceful. I want there to be a chance for both ways.

I also don't want the automatic leaders: like a scenario in 1925 with Angela Merkel as chancellor sharing the world with Abe Lincoln (this really happened to me).

I just want to know if there's a fix, or if it's maybe just my glitched game. I couldn't find anyone asking or answering this question.


Thank you for reading, it's a long read! I hope you have a good day!

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