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How cool would it be if we had a scenario on 5000 B.C?

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How cool would it be if we had a scenario on 5000 B.C. all the way to 2018 C.E.?

just a suggestion, but it would give the game a totally different turn, more like Sid Mejer's Civilization but as a grand strategy game, and also Paradox wouldn't be able to copyright you and, the thing is, right now the game is more similar to EU4, which is better and more complex and better looking alternative, if we had the game like this then the game would be a new concept that I've always wanted.

Obviously this'd be a challenge

but considering how much you updated the game from the old Mobile one, I believe this could be in the base game as a Campaign system, scenarios are still there but the challenge is that you have to survive throught history build up an empire from nothing but simple tribes and colonize, maybe natives from america could have advanced technology and end up being (as if) the Old world in 1440.

The Possibilities are ENDLESS!

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