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i have seen ones with middle east already,  but like, there ain't the other ones, you know: The African one.

so i made a scenario featuring only countries from middle east and north Africa only.223026122_arabworld.thumb.png.116409a3fe3ee31e3aae667e4ec8d47d.png


you're welcome.

note: and no, i ain't feature any European country cause of refugee crisis and dumb jokes, this is a pure, accurate version of the Arab world, i made this for fun, not politics

 may 19 update: i wastelanded one provinces and give 4 more for turkey, should be accurate now. 

may 25 update: i made three new scenarios, one about fascism vs communism, two about world war 1 and 2.



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1 minute ago, mimida21 said:

haha. funny, all cause of the dumb fear against arab immigrating to europe (weather regular immigrants or refugees) 

seriously, tired of the damn joke of "SwEDeN AnD FraNCe TUrNiNg IsLaMIc cAuSe MuZliMz", really tired of it.

shut the fuck up with that snarky ass reply to a simple joke, didnt know it hurt your feelings that much

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31 minutes ago, taha1g said:

Turkey not Arabic

so is iran, sorry, should have name it "north Africa and middle east scenario", but i guess i just wanted to combine two thing as one, the result is turkey being number one somehow.

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