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World War ∭

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Hello this is my first topic and first made scenario for you on this forum so lets begin

1.Austria joins in Germany and they want revenge because of WW2

2.Hungary joins in the fourth Reich and fourth Reich promise old lands from WW2 (and Transylvania)

3.Holland joins on side fourth Reich and they promise defeating France

4.Germany attacks Poland to back Gdansk from WW2

5.Kazakhstan joins Russia and then Russia becomes republic country

6.Russia attacks Ukraine and Belarus

7.Sweden joins Revenge Axis and Reich promise Norway

8.Schottland and Ireland gets independent and they attack England fourth Reich Helps

9.Fourth Reich attacks Denmark for more sea permission

10.Spain becomes fascist and attacks Portugal Marokko and Gibraltar (ON REICH SIDE)

11.Yugoslav wars starts again Serbia wants to back Yugoslavia

12.Greece vs Turkey war starts because of Cipar 

13.North korea joins China

14.Bulgaria helps Greece defeating Turkey

15.Turkey backs Ottoman Empire +(Lands)

16.Italy helps fourth Reich 

17.China attacks Taiwan

18.China makes alliance named PRC and allies with Mongolia,Vietnam and Yugoslavia

20. PRC and Allies Attack Tayland,Kamboda,Philipines and Mynamar

WW3 start for more help look alliances all attaccked countries made alliance





javaw 2019-04-20 18-57-24-037.jpg

javaw 2019-04-20 18-57-14-719.jpg


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