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Age of Civilizations

My East Map Background İs Black...Can Someone Help?

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      map of Universe,Venus and Yupiter
      Новая папка (2).rar
    • By SteampunkMaverick12
      When I exit and reload AoC2, when I load my game, it starts off as a random country in 1440. I tried revalidating files and deleting the saves but it's not working.
    • By GyLala
      Download 1 : https://mega.nz/#!FwkkXQSD!gf7NJwZRDr81ezFEBQJCIInR6Wd1ScZN1ZxnQMuL0CY
      Download 2 : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ESL7pmtIMwU7cajAgES2aAhGxL5CAxS-
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      Download : https://mega.nz/#!14UGSSaY!uhwBrpd10n_By6jddyCigpxV2BcvZnsVNCPNYa8WYg0
      Download 2 : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1d_GCKlKWQ_iMj2xMCFUjlR8NWzKSU3ZH

      Guys Sorry, Civs missing fixed try download
    • By Suzema
      Actual version of Age of Elder Scrolls - 0.6 
      Age of Elder Scrolls - is a mod that takes you to the universe of Elder Scrolls, to the planet Nirn.
      In these mod is:
      -Elaborated map of the Nirn (2276 prov., 1200 towns)
      -Map of the Shivering Isles (171 prov.)
      -More than 30 scenarios, some with events
      -Music from the TES games
      -New sounds
      -New fonts
      -New icons 
      -About 350 civilizations 
      -More than 100 leaders 
      -Some new ideologies
      -Remaded "Ages"
      -Plenty of Form Civs and unions
      Mod is available for PC and Androids
      You can find link to download here - https://vk.com/firstovinc

      Mine new project - Bloody Europe II

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