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1 hour ago, Player12454 said:

The map is great, but not perfect. The most annoying thing are tiny mistakes. Here are some that i found. 

1: some cities are named incorrectly, strangely the letters are in wrong order, for example Paris -> Prais. Since the city that i live in also has that mistake, this infuriates me. Could you rename the cities correctly ? thanks

2:  some smaller countries barely get any more provinces, for example El Salvador only has 3 provinces and is relatively underpowered, also i hoped that the Vatican and San Marino will be in the game (hopefully they will be added in future updates)

3: some countries still have wrong capitals, for example the capital Of Lithuania in ww2 scenario is Kaunas and not some random province

4: The countries in scenarios are still quite unbalanced, even if the growth rate editor helps

Could you please fix these mistakes?

Thanks! We will work for fix these in next update!

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There is a bug, after editing an existing scenario, every country's names started to appear in their northern routes. I can't take screenshot but I can say Saudi Arabia is currently in Iraq, Turkey's name appears in eastern Ukraine and Iran's name in the middle of Kazakhstan.

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2 godziny temu Ötüken powiedział:

Wystąpił błąd, po edycji istniejącego scenariusza nazw różnych krajów zaczął się pojawiać na ich północnych trasach. Nie mogę zrobić ekranu, ale mogę wiedzieć, że Arabia Saudyjska jest obecnie w Iraku, nazwa Turcji jest dostępna dla graczy Ukrainy, nazwa Iranu w środku Kazachstanu.

To jest błąd Aoc 2

Edited by redfire

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The capitals of Ukraine and the Netherlands stand nearby in Focus. Also, on android it is impossible to start the game. You explained what to do with 49% and said that it doesn’t lag to set the card size to x1, but to put it I would preferably boot, and not see an endless load of 99%. Is it possible to set the size of the card x1 without starting? For some whom I know for the same reason can not start the game. Or put size 1 on the android right away so that it’s somehow loaded, otherwise it’s almost impossible to load 30,000 or 60000px on a 1280x800 tablet (Google Translate)

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24 minutes ago, Ilovethisgame2 said:

Harita güzel olmuş bazı küçük sorunlar ve çizim şeklinde olan arka plan güncellendikten sonra oynamaya başlayacağım kesinlikle bu arada ege adalarını klasik haritadan daha fazla eyaletli yaparsanız güzel olur

Biraz yukarıda yeni arkaplandan bir ekran grüntüsü var. Göz atabilirsin. Ege Adaları'nı zaten her biri tek ada olarak yaptık. Daha fazla olamazdı 😄 Teşekkürler :) 

Edited by Kerems2434

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1 minute ago, Kerems2434 said:

Biraz yukarıda yeni arkaplandan bir ekran grüntüsü var. Göz atabilirsin. Ege Adaları'nı zaten her biri tek ada olarak yaptık. Daha fazla olamazdı 😄 Teşekkürler :) 

çok güzel o zaman benim bu haritalardan beklentim hep ege adaları oluyor genelde iptal oluyordu haritalar ancak siz devam ettiniz bir 100 saat daha harcarım ben bu haritaya

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Just now, Ilovethisgame2 said:

çok güzel o zaman benim bu haritalardan beklentim hep ege adaları oluyor genelde iptal oluyordu haritalar ancak siz devam ettiniz bir 100 saat daha harcarım ben bu haritaya

😄 Az önce Türkiye olup Yunanistan'a savaş açtım ve adaları alırken kendimi savaşın içinde hissettim. Bir adayı alıyorum diğerinden çıkarma yapıyor. Olması gereken de bu. Normal AoC2 haritasındaki gibi bir adaya çıkarma yapıp tüm Ege'yi kontrol etmek biraz saçma geliyor 😄 

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21 hours ago, Kerems2434 said:

I updated the A.P.K link. Download the new A.P.K. You will not have any crash problems anymore.



this application is configured to use a packaged java runtime environment, but the runtime is missing or corrupt 
bu çıktı exeyi kurunca 

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2 hours ago, Kerems2434 said:

¡Gracias! Arreglaremos otros errores con v0.2 🙂

Is there any possibility of changing the growth rate for some provinces of Peru? For example, compare the growth rate of Lima (Peru) and the growth rate of Bogotá (Colombia) or Cdmx (Mexico) and this not only happens with the capital of Peru but with other regions of Peru and Latin America.




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49 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

Fixed some formable nations bugs for Project: Alpha v0.2!

In the next update I hope to delete some provinces that he indicated to you in my previous posts.

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    • By Kingpvz
      Helo thare! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida. Don't forget to follow and share your thoughts in the comments!
      I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!
      Support me on patreon please (click here)
      PROVINCES: 2565 
      NATIONS: 94
      SCENARIOS: Test Scenario; 2021; 2013; Venostanian Civil War; Mauritovanian Civil War; 1518; Stanovia; First Alavidian War 1946; Poprattian Civil War; First Alavidian War 1647; Second Alavidian War 1979; Second Alavidian War 1981; Second Alavidian War 1985; Second Alavidian War 1987; 1969; 1919; 1933; WW1; WW2 1939; WW2 1945; 1990; Help Fakoslovakia regain it's terriories!

      Some useless population stats (8/29/21)
      Stanovian Federation: 180.8M
      - General Stanovian State: 59.3M
      - Slavic Stanovian State: 61.4M
      - Venes: 1.2M
      - Lapytovian Stanovia: 1.1M
      - Fourthy Union: 27.3M
      - Protipalia: 1.7M
      - North Stanovia: 780k
      - Nalian Zelav Stanovia: 697k
      - East Spikc: 1.3M
      - West Spikc: 9.4M
      - North Keban: 3.2M
      - South Keban: 4.7M
      - Kespral-Towiiu: 2.3M
      - Central Towiiu: 1.9M
      - Tkebekh: 751K
      - Eastern Zi: 594k
      - Islandia: 3.2M
      Martinovia: 322.6k
      - Tromp Province: 101k
      - Southern Province: 23.7k
      - Guinea: 21.9k
      - Province of Kadiaen: 176k
      Venostan: 12.3M
      - Tzie Kakükm': 6.7M
      - Tzie Be'trkom: 1.2M
      - Piskowsze Region: 2.9M
      - Letran Bë'ge: 671k
      - Nakaii Bë'ge: 906k
      Other Countries
      - Jurovia (without Avar): 24.5M
      - Avar: 19.5M
      - Zuzanovia: 81.4M
      - Venistan: 3.7M
      - Venestan: 983k
      - Suchovia: 307k
      - Slovakoria: 672k
      - Slovakioria: 511k
      - Johanca: 21M
      - Ukrevol Kingdom: 1.1M
      - Retwonia (with Stanovian Retwonia): 2.8M
      - Zelavian Empire (without Colonies): 1.7M
      - Zelavian Empire (only Colonies): 670k
      - Scann': 2.7M
      - Mauritovania: 9.3M
      - Martinovian Kingdomen: 731k
      - Venostan Kingdom: 1.3M
    • By Kittenhux
      Hello there.

      Download Link (PC)
      Download Link (Android)
      Warning: if there are any issues with Android version, ask Aryan, not me, I work only with PC version.
      AoC2 Star Wars mod (v 1.3.1 - Wonders of the Galaxy Addon).zip  (PC)
      I present the mod you'd never seen like this before - the mod which will deliver you in the Galaxy Far Far Away and make you as a ruler of interstellar civilization of the Star Wars Universe!
      This mod was developed for 3 months: one week for the (most of) Galaxy map and the rest of all time for events. I wanted to create a mod as comperhensive as it possible for its fictional universe. I wanted to create a mod which would please not only casual AoC2 players but also potential Star Wars fans who may play this game. I studied Wookiepedia for hours to create a single events. I searched details to make it as accurate as it possible to the Star Wars canon, both Legendary and Disney Canon. It was a great work which would be sinful to not be shared.
      What's New:
      The Galaxy Far Far Away map containing 1039 provinces. Not everywhere, but I tried to make their borders organic to each other to make them less border-gorish. The borders were made in account with the history and astrographical division of the galaxy. Star Wars galaxy map has its own Continents and Regions packs. Continents are Galactic Rims, and Regions are... Regions and some notable sectors. New biomes for the alien worlds. One province = one planet. Most of them have very valueable bonuses and/or fines since most of them are extraterrestrial and hostile for the organic life (Molten Worlds, Toxic Worlds) or over-developed (Ecumenopolises and Forge Worlds). Just check my map on the Landscape mode... The worlds I couldn't find an information for their landscape have the Hill or Space Station biome. 300+ new, Editor-made Star Wars civilizations, from the all-known Republic and Empire to the minor species and factions probably only complete Star Wars nerds ever heard or read of. Some of these civilizations have different flags and names for different governments. 21 new ages scoping the period since 38000 BBY (Pre-Republican Era) till 500 ABY (end of Post-Imperial Age). "BBY" and "ABY" stands for "before/after the Battle of Yavin", if someone doesn't knows. 17 scenarios scoping (almost) complete history of the Star Wars galaxy since the foundation of the Republic 25,000 years before the film events till the Second Imperial Civil War 130 years after. Most of these scenarios have events with 225 pictures included. Most of them were borrowed from Wookiepedia and some from Stellaris. Some of scenarios have even "alternate history" events! 6 new government types (if you possess Addon+): Corporate, Stratocracy, Criminal Organization, Magocracy, Hive Mind, Machine Intelligence. Each of them has their own crown. 120+ new leaders and their portraits. Some of them have poritraits in Hearts of Iron IV-style. The most well-known leaders (such as Palpatine, Dooku or Darth Revan) have their linkages to Wikipedia. 28 new tracks to better immersion in the Star Wars atmosphere. New main theme. (1.3.1) "Wonders of the Galaxy" for notable locations featured in films, games (primarily Knights of the Old Republic) and in some universe lore. (1.3.1) New fonts.
    • By Vedemy
      My map crashes on loading. Please help me 😢
    • By Avatar Mod
      Long ago, I started creating a mod for an Avatar. Then, everything changed when the laziness took over the project. Only I, the developer of this project, could complete it, but when everyone needed me the most, I was vanished .A 1 year passed and I want to start this mod again and although I have a lot to remember, but I believe that I will be able to complete it.

      Timeline of scenario Feodal Fragmentation in Fire Nation
    • By Italian PeC
      This is a new side project I made while working on Age of Imperialism (https://youtu.be/fK4vhQE35w4) 
      It's a beta of a mod that focuses on Western Europe. And similarly to Bloody Europe, it adds a whole lot of new provinces, just a lot more and only for Western Europe.
      For now only France, Italy, Switzerland, Benelux, Southern England and Half of Germany are done, with 3400+ provinces in total! The main scenario is 1099: The First Crusade,  but the mod has many other scenarios.
      It adds 37 new formables, many of them new countries. 
      Download link:
      ANDROID: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dbprJiy_eU879G0tPkZyjlk8DLxJQ0eK/view?usp=drivesdk
      PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zSJlS3Z2N6b8Z-DsWvfpVXBji7fE3GyW/view?usp=sharing

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