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Project: Alpha (13.316 Provinces) | v0.1.5 Update | DOWNLOAD NOW!

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something that would be great, I don't know if they take out new units, for example ships, that would make it more interesting, although I guess they don't focus on that, they focus on improving game errors, I still enjoy the age of history 2 mods a lot

Although if you take my idea, it would be that I know how to make your own version of the game more or less add factories, units, buildings or something but again it is just an idea that I do not care, I will download the alpha thing it calls my attention

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Osmanlı için 1922 sonrasına Abdülmecid Efendi'yı lider olarak ekleyebilirsin. Kendisi son Osmanlı ve İslam halifesidir.


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