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Age of History 3

Massive World War 2 Scenario

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Hello Everybody! This is the scenario that i am working on called ,,Turning Tide,,.

I know i didn't add South America i will do it 


Custom Germany and German Occupation Zones

14 Custom Countries

Custom Flags for Germany 

Will include new ideologies like:

Communism-Stalinism, Titoism, Maoism, Marxist Leninist, Revolutionary Socialist

Democracy-Social Liberal, Social Democratic, Leftist Democratic, Social Conservative

Fascism-Ultranationalism, Populism

New Countries

New Flags and Colours









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Hey there, just to say the idea is awesome, but you should edit the german occupation zones that have mistakes, for exemple, all of France was not occupied, and I think it would be great to be able to play as Vicky france against germany and take the occupied part of the country back, etc, you could also make occupied states just vassals instead of actual parts of the German territory, as they were not annexed during war (Like norway, or again, France, and probably parts of Eastern Europe) 

If it could help I attached you a map of the actual controlled zones, so Germany itself could be actual land, and occupied countries around could be vassals.


I know this would require some re-working on your map but it would be for the greater good, more accurate, and more fun to play I think !

Other than that, again, really good ideas!


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