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İmperial Sealand

VEIOU ( Victor Est Imperare Orbi Universo) - MEIOU and Taxes mod for AoH2

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18 hours ago, İmperial Sealand said:

Current Progress:


also dude i have the map that i can give you dm me again

and listen, do the islands properly, you can overlap points to make invisible, dont think that placing a point on an area with another point isnt impossible

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3 hours ago, Italian PeC said:

The province map straight up looks like the Eu4 Meiou and Taxes one. This mod looks very cool, you have my full support

it is supposed to be like that. i made all of europe that is done til now except for inner part of turkey and north sweden

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On 3/26/2021 at 11:08 PM, İmperial Sealand said:

This mod is a mod which is related to MEIOU & Taxes mod of Europa Universalis IV.


Huge mount of Formable Nations with formable systems

Lots of Events for scenarios with events

A unique map with MEIOU & Taxes provinces

lots of Leaders


New Ideologies



-Charles IV's Golden Bull (no events)

-Charles IV's Golden Bull (with events)

-Rise of Ottomans (1444) (no events)

-Rise of Ottomans (1444) (With Events)

Maybe some more scenarios in future but I can't promise right now



Provinces: All of Europe

Scenarios: 0%

Formable nations: 0%

Events: 0%

if you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact me on discord (  Empire of Sealand#3901 )


Special thanks to (Credits):

@Simon Wilford for sharing his unfinished MEIOU map

- @Kerems2434for allowing me to use his formable nations system idea

- @Mkafor making background

- @Italian PeCfor allowing me to use his event trees idea

herhangi bir discord sunucun var mı ? elimde bir çalışma varda göstermek isterim


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