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12 hours ago, Fbtbtbrbrtbth said:

Hello, could you add these following islands to the game? That would be much appreciated.





1. what island is it

2. Ok, but the island will be more bigger

3. Ok

4. What island is it

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19 hours ago, HawkerSP said:

1. what island is it

2. Ok, but the island will be more bigger

3. Ok

4. What island is it

The first island is the kerguelen island, and the second one is the chagos island archipelago. I have one more thing, could you also add the jan mayen island in northern europe?

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4 hours ago, Cameroon (saint) Emperor said:

My suggestion for new provinces, if you add these your mod is officially the best

Texas Annexation - Wikipedia - Texas Independence Map ...165px-Evolution_of_Franco-Italian_border.jpgValle d’Aosta – AVIworld war one - Was it not clear to the WWI allies that ...Jak velmoci zradily Kurdy a Asyřany: Rusko a Francie, 1918 ...File:Sykes-Picot Agreement He.svg - Wikimedia CommonsRobs Webstek: The Emirate of Cyrenaicahttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/91/Administrative_division_of_the_Polish-Lithuanian_Commonwealth_in_1764.pngAtlas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - Wikimedia ...Map-of-North-Africa.png.412a62a9f5c1a5f60d8fffd3f1262204.png800px-Province_de_Luxembourg_in_Belgium.svg.png3d5f6ebea8d0ef39fb6f4a337859c491.pngParques nacionales de Etiopía - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreimages - 2021-01-24T111111.823.jpeg460462457_21-6-202122.9_10.thumb.png.1f8cee45c19d339f87b1766d31342a96.pngFile:Axis occupation of Yugoslavia 1943-44.png - Wikipediaimágenes? q = tbn: ANd9GcTjPyK3yZ_jBXzae4Sz7uJmap-of-india-political.pngRP 2.pngRP 1.pngFile:The Aanglo-Russian Convention of 1907, settled the partition of Iran.png  - Wikimedia Commonsdownloadd.jpg350px-First_Mexican_Empire_(orthographic_projection)_svg.png.0a8dc133e094ed592b4726226d5c7fa6.png800px-Brazil_Labelled_Map_svg.png.76c7c53b262c1efb621224d8b60f5fbd.pngdownload.png.e43c93e45ed9bd89fcb31d1d4e0b35fa.pngcomment_9Fxe49Jl92E7jFy3XNU4COwUW8CoLeSw.jpgimage.png.a16194fe34734f03d5a140d75ab69311.pngHistoire de la Bulgarie — WikipédiaKhédivat d'Égypte — WikipédiaAfrica_1914.jpg.8b662f8a6724fa299c4bf000a7c5ae52.jpg257940854_27-6-20219_48_23.png.fbe33fa1f908ac95bc0090a7497c63c1.pngInked4lgw533likk61_LI.jpg.42d204de9d6628193f4dfd4b40c413d6.jpgimage.jpeg.5c7aec782668e31ea7ced1ed257036f2.jpegOttoman Tripolitania - Wikiwand63236401_25-6-202119_25_18.png.39819bb96413d6f54c87bae489bd4449.png9dbcdbfc5d4008f5f4034e7b1b5dc4ff.jpgmapofflorida.0.jpgUpdated: Republic of Illyria 1914-1945 : AlternateHistorycaucasus-political-map.png









german_empire_1905.pngListe des commanderies templières en Vallée d'Aoste — WikipédiaElba - Wikipediapolitically-loaded maps: red-headed steppe children - The Something Awful  Forums

I can't answer everything but more than half will be I will add it

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    • By DasSoldat88
      THE NEW WORLD ORDER is an alternative story mod that seeks to bring a chaotic setting with various events and campaigns to bring a new gameplay style, diferent from what players are used to.
      NEW DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/sVcU6BXdBB
      Updates 02/12/2021
      In the last few days i made some progress that i will share, i will post a gameplay too so keep atention.
      Obs: The gameplay is outdated in some points. You can see the diference when look at the images.
      Atomwaffen Gameplay: 
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      First of all I would like to apologize for any spelling mistakes, I don't completely master English. I would also like to point out that the mod is fully in PTBR but if you like I'm ready to translate the game, but for the events i would have to ask for help because there are several and I don't have time for that alone.   --------------------------------------------------LORE------------------------------------------ The year is 2003, the invasion of Iraq as a result of the war on terror begins. Prepared for an alleged war and with broad support from its former enemy, Iran, Saddam's forces prevail and play the cards in the Middle East for the formation of an Arab coalition aimed at controlling oil prices. In 2005, as part of the coalition's plan, a wide-ranging revolt is launched in Saudi Arabia, overthrowing the monarchy and establishing an Islamic Republic aligned with the coalition. Now with the Middle East in hand, the coalition is manipulating the market in its favor, the US and its allies, disenfranchised by the defeat against the Iraqis, are in a difficult situation with the social and economic crisis at the door. With the 2008 crisis, the situation that already seemed irreversible becomes even worse. Chaos ensued as unemployment rose and solutions were thrown into the air by the most varied factions, the United States of America was a powder keg and the explosion came with the assassination of President Barack Obama on September 10, 2009, which happened was the breakdown of the United States of America into several states with factions calling war for unification in their own ways. The World in 2010...

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      Looking for a Pre-war Realistic Scenario?
      Yes here it is. I am making this mod and I will take care of it because it is the only mod I do. This is a 1900 scenario with some modifications, historical accuracy and new Background. Lots of new Tribes, Sultanates, Kingdoms, Empires, Colonies and Protectorates.
      Future Update Features I Plan to Add to This Mod:
      Border changes and some code changes If I can find a helper. Historical News Events for Countries like 1913 Ottoman coup d'état. A Political Tree that draws on historical policies like Weltpolitik. I'm open to suggestions and criticism about events and map but only Historical ideas. To add realism to the game, I'm going to make a bit weaker newly established countries like Germany. But that doesn't mean that Germany can lose easier. Everything in my scenario will be very difficult for realism. Screenshots:

      Scenario Maker was: @Ecofcu 
      Civilization Editor was: @Xjento
    • By TDani12
      After downloading and extracting the .zip file, read the "READ ME BEFORE DOING ANYTHING!!!" .txt file.
    • By Faleroy
      The Story: The Axis Powers in 1946, after Giuseppe Zangara murdered Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was elected President of the United States in 1933. II. It is a parallel universe in which World War II is won.
      -All diplomacy is set.
      -Since there is no one who makes this scenario too detailed, I felt the need to make it a little more detailed.
      -I enjoyed making it. I hope you enjoy playing it
      NOTE: it recommended to take the soviet union                                                                           
      Download   Civilization editor
    • By Faleroy
      In this scenario, Germany had shrunk and you didn't have much hope left, you can renew Germany's hope or make it even more hopeless by downloading this scenario. Everything depends on you.

      -All diplomacy adjusted.
      -Armies were placed on the borders.
      -There is no event, but I plan to add it in the future.
      -Have fun with the game.
      -You can ask your questions via DM Discord:rey#0006.
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