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The Last Millenium: New version: 1.0.0 released for PC🖥️ and Android 📱


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I still couldn't fix the 99% error for the Android version, the best result I could have was that you have to change the map before exiting the game.

I will try to fix it as soon as possible

Android version:

(You need to change the map before exit)

Edited by HawkerSP

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On 10/28/2021 at 6:00 AM, HawkerSP said:


                                   Hello everyone



This is basically a remake and submod of Fate of World R.E created by Kerems and his development team.

This submod is focused in the XX and XXI century in which there will be many events and alternative history with the title Redux to make it look better.




- More than 60 events for important scenarios such as WW2

- fixed scenarios

- new music

- 471 new provinces (4740 provinces in total)

- new leaders

- new scenarios with events

- some cities renown

-new icons

-new civilizations

-and more!




The last war (scenario in next update)

2019: The world today: 2 events

2000: Millenium Dawn: 8 events

1990 (scenario in next update)

1948: 3 events

1945: Endsieg: 14 events

1942 Stalingrad: 26 events

1941:The Great Patriotic War: 19 events

1939: Blitzkrieg (scenario in next update)

The Old Order: First days of Latin America: 42 events

1936: Gathering Storm(Main scenario): 187 events

1919: After the Great War: 4 events

1918: 0 events

1915 Trench Warfare: 0 events

1910: The Great War: 52 events

1900 (events in next update): 0 events

1861: American Civil war: 4 events

1836: A New Era: (events in a next update)

1792: The French revolution (scenario in a next update)

1750: Seven years war(scenario in next update)

The first crusade: (scenario in next update)


Discord: https://discord.gg/snSvsxdHgt


 Alpha 0.0.2 download links:



Android: (Patch 0.0.3)



What's new?

0.0.1: mod released

0.0.2: Fixed Communist Ideology


2099947579_Capturadepantalla(179).jpg.61b55204a869689b53d0209660933626.jpg961435568_Capturadepantalla(144).jpg.c97867d2d6f5836270b08abc74a45bb7.jpg 1646659550_Capturadepantalla(143).jpg.67fa057bacd2c0501a7e9d83238a6374.jpg 





why cant i go on full screen in pc?


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Hey, just made this account to comment this, both my antiviruses on desktop and android (the latter having a premium antivirus) found adware on your mod.

Premium mobile antivirus: Version 0.0.2 scanned twice (both as an a p k and an installed application) found "Android/Adware.Byf.n"

I would brush it off as a mistake but this has never happened before with any other mods i downloaded before, what's up with that?

Edited by Ronny040

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1 hour ago, Ronny040 said:

Oye, acabo de hacer esta cuenta para comentar esto, tanto mis antivirus en el escritorio como en Android (este último tiene un antivirus premium) encontraron adware en tu mod.

Antivirus móvil premium: la versión 0.0.2 escaneada dos veces (tanto como --- y como aplicación instalada) encontró "Android / Adware.Byf.n"

Lo descartaría como un error, pero esto nunca ha sucedido antes con otras modificaciones que descargué antes, ¿qué pasa con eso?


Maybe it's because I modified the game code a bit and the antivirus identified it as a virus. (The mod does not have any virus)

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10 minutes ago, HawkerSP said:

It also depends on the antivirus because some are bad and others are very good

(Above all, the "premium" antivirus downloaded for free are bad)


I see, yeah i downloaded version 0.0.3 and it seemed all fine with my antivirus, so you're right i guess it really was something about the code in the previous version. Thanks pal and great mod 👍

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4 hours ago, Nizami said:

Make Istanbul so that you can go from Istanbul to both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and also please add provinces to the Caucasus


I'm sorry but I finished doing the provinces and now I'm doing the events

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New update! 1.0.0


 • Focus tree was added in the 1936 scenario to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Japan.

 • The Second Pacific War was added in "The Old Order"

 • Peruvian victory in the northern war in "The Old Order" fixed

 • Added an option to redraw France after the German victory over the United Kingdom

 • Added new events for "The Old Order"

 • Central America was added in "The Old Order" and its civil war

 • The southern war was added in "The Old Order"

 • Now like France you can ask for an armistice with Germany instead of being Free France

 • New events for Germany in 1936

 • New events in 1941 and 1942

 • Added some hoi4 images for focus trees

 • Events added for Chile, Argentina and Peru were added in "The Old Order"

 • New fascist way for the United Kingdom on 1936 scenario

 • New Reichskommissariats were added

 • Added TNO civilizations

 • New scenario: The New Order (beta)

 • New scenario: The West Russian War (beta)

 • New scenario: The Second West Russian War (beta)

 • New scenario: 1939 with events

 • Changed the name of Volgograd to Stalingrad

 • The effects of land types were changed

 • Soviet surrender was fixed in 1936

 • Soviet surrender was added in 1941

 • Added a new seabed in the map

 • Fixed Zaolzie bug

 • Japan was nerfed on the 1936 scenario

 • The flag of the Iberian Union was changed

 • The Spanish civil war was fixed

 • New portrait for FDR

 • New portrait for Benito Mussolini

 • Fixed some cores

 • Minor fixes

 • Minor change to the UI on the PC version

 •New icon for Mobile version

 • Light optimization

 • and more!

Download links:






 Why 1.0.0?

 -Because the mod is no longer in Alpha

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On 12/28/2021 at 2:10 PM, Meherrem said:

New provinces in Italy

Bro can you make Vatican,San Marino,Liechtenstein and West Berlin provinces?Please

West Berlin is already in mod (tiny states will not be included)


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Posted (edited)
29 minutes ago, 2nd Perkaza R. Dani said:

Which one is the main scenario (Scenario that you really focused/has many events)?

1936 The Gathering Storm (WW2). Because i saw it in the game.

Edited by wbladew5

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