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The WWII Mod - Asian Madness, Version 2

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The WWII Mod

             Version 2


This is version 2 release of the WWII mod.


Welcome to Version 2 of the WWII Mod, a mod based on WWII, this mod inludes many new additions based on the second world war, i will list some below

1. New leaders have been added for almost all nations, all nations with new leaders are: Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvedor, Guatamala, Costa Rica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Kuomintang, Ma Hushans's Division, Liu Wenhui's division, Empire of great Manchuria, East Hebei, Mongol Military Government, Tannu Tuva, Burma, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ango-Egyptian Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Persia, United Kingdom and South Africa.

2. Many new events have been added, with the Asian Madness update, a lot of events for Asia are included, nations with events are: Kuomintang, Japan, Xibei San Ma, Shanxi, Mongolia, Tibet, Manchuria, Mongol Military Government, Tannu Tuva, Commonwealth of the Phillippenes, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Soviet Union, United States of America, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Yunnan, Guandong, Hunan and Guangxi.

3. Accurate cores have also been added, nations with large colonial empires now have to deal with other peoples that reside in their nations, nations such as this are: Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union (SSR's have been turned into cores).

4. UI has been changed, everything now looks a little more fancy, new font has been added aswell.

5. New Soundtrack has been added, the current songs in it are mostly Asia themed due to the update being asia themed.

Anyways, have fun!


Download PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TAMR2qIraI892Hiitb6GSod4d8B2rEBY/view?usp=sharing

Download Mobile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uL4xJ-pVJPM8XAz7Qw1CxJhxnitplYeg/view?usp=sharing


Promotional video: 

Asia Timelapse (Version 2): 


Old Forum: 

If there are any issues be sure to say so in the comment section.


Development logs are in the comment section, this might be moved to an external source.



Schermafbeelding 2021-12-09 064637.png

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New Version Release (Asian Madness, Version 2)

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22 minutes ago, TICMI said:

Will there be android mod, your work looks great!

I havent done a whole lot with android yet, but ill try to release version 1 for andriod aswell, i would be needing some help with that so it might take longer, but i will be working on it 🙂

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Finished all leaders for the 1936 scenario, most countries now have accurate leaders for the time, exceptions are: British Somaliland, Hunan Clique, Guangdong Clique, all soviet SSR's apart from the Soviet Union and the Union of South Africa, these might get leaders in a future version (current version being worked on is version 1), i also counted all events, there are 70, most placeholder flags have also been changed to the original flags, some minor border changes have also taken place, i will make a recording of the mod, when that is done, i will edit it and with it version 1 will be released, it will either release today or tomorrow.

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Next Update will include events for Mongol Military Government, Manchuria and East Hebei, aswell as leaders that where not in the mod before, countries with new leaders so far include: South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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Asian Update coming along nicely, more events have been added, nations with new events so far: Soviet Union, Mongolia, Manchuria, Mongol Military Government, East Hebei and Japan, more Chinese warlords will be added to this list, some more minor changes have also taken place, like country names and leader portraits, i expect the update to be done in a couple of days if i keep my mind to it.

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