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9 hours ago, Ali.jacop said:

Hello Hons. So shall I go and ask the group of Russians about their modification?

no they probably won't give it, you can use bytecode editor like recaf to modify it directly and recompile it again. just focus on stuff that's moddable easily if you want to make a mod, but if you manage to add new stuff in the game that's going to be awesome too

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On 2/22/2022 at 8:48 AM, Ali.jacop said:

Hello friends.


  At first, if you were expecting to see a mod to play with, I'm sorry.


  Secondly, I want to explain my situation so that you understand me. I love the Age of Civilizations game and I love something else which is writing, so I decided why not use my writing knowledge to create scenarios with great stories using the events of the Age of Civilizations. Scenarios are different from the rest of the other scenarios, but something stopped me, which is the lack of the things I want in the game (such as specific flags, some new leaders).


  So why don't you add them?


  Because now you will understand my situation, I do not know anything about how to modify the game or add anything to it and my programming experience is simple, and the biggest problem is that I play Age of Civilizations on Android


  So, what do you want ?


  I want someone who knows about programming to volunteer to modify the game according to the requirements I need, and it is not a big thing, just some additions


  Why don't you just ask someone to help you?


  Because I will not be able to return the favor in exchange for help in return


  What will be the benefit if your watch?


  I will waive my rights for the things I worked on for you and you are completely free to do what you will do with the mod when it is finished



  I will be waiting for any reply,        sorry for my english

The cost of making it may not worth it.

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