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Age of Civilizations

Pangea (Provinces 1595)

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11 hours ago, SUDAMXX said:

Esta bonito PERO Aver a mi personalmente no me gusta la forma esferica, obiamente le da un toque 3D

Esta bueno el mapa ME GUSTA 

I know thanks xd


1 hour ago, Matimele said:

Coolest map i've seen so far


thanks yeah i think total make +24 hours

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You literally have to mess with the files every time you want to download something. I tried downloading this awesome map, did everything right but its didn't work. Oh man the steam workshop would be awesome. You'd just clock a button and you'd have the scenario/map/mod installed

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    • By CopenhaguenLink
      Sorry for my bad english.
      Searching mods and maps for latinoamerica, I realized that Latinoamerica is very forgotten in this community. For that reason, I going to make a map with scenarios of Venezuela.
      1. USA Intervention: This would be a probably scenario where USA invade Venezuela from sea. Colombia will help.
      2. Independence War: In this scenario, the people from Venezuela will fight the Spanish Empire.
      3. States: All Venezuela states will fight for all the country.
      4. Pre-Colombine: The indians tribes fight.
      5. Civil War: The Civil War of the XIX century.
      What do you think? 
      Actually I begun the development of the mod. I calculated 400 provinces for playing.
    • By HypaSB
      Hi everyone, 
      after solving my "Abitur" in Germany I had the idea to create a new map. I wanted to create a scenario / map of Bavaria which is as detailed as possible, just for fun. I started yesterday 30.06.2020 and it will take probably a long time to finish it, because I am working alone and have to do all the work alone. I will upload a making off to YouTube so you can stay updated of the status. Hope you like the idea more information will come very soon stay hyped!!! 
    • By Diego
      this is a project to bring hoi4 to age of civilizations while i still work on the imperator mod
      All 13k provinces Scenarios maybe more civilizations maybe some more governments
    • By Diego
      this is a project to bring Imperator:Rome to Age of Civilizations, you could help
      provinces completed: unknown
      planned features:
      all territory names
      adding or renaming government types to imperator government types
      adding scenarios
      adding all civilizations from imperator (help wanted)
    • By Ege Ceylan
      I had to pause the Balkan map
      But after I finish this, I will do something much better.
      The map is over, but I'll share it soon.
      The first images are like this.
      It will have mobile support but not only with this. It will come with more different maps.

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