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Age of History III - 5 suggestions for @Łukasz Jakowski

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Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you are of course,

I have to admit that I am really shocked by the great news,

So I have 5 suggestions for AOH3, that I would like to see in game.

-New event outcomes:

Like "change country leader" outcome, "change party popularity" (If Mr. Łukasz Jakowski would like to add parties), "puppet country" outcome, "add building outcome", "add core land" outcome, "change population" outcome et cetera...

-Wargoals and minor war changes:

It's stupid that you can declare war to the country with which you have non-agression pact. I think it would be nice to see wargoals like in Hearts of Iron IV.

-Nuclear warheads:

Many of people would also like to see nuclear warheads in new game. Why not ?


I would like (as propably many players do) to see unique military equipment for some countries. Researching them would increase technology level and division stats, like speed, armor, attack, defence or even division attrition. We can also combine it with biome-unique divisions that would have special abilities for some other biomes like jungle or desert.

-Army types:

You know what I mean.


So thank you so much for reading this, that propably means you're not lazy like me.

Have a nice day!

@Łukasz Jakowski 


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I totally agree with you, especially on the war goal part, because there should be more time for preparation and a more viable reason for going to war. I also think that certain ideologies influence the speed of war goals and the conditions in order to make one, like a democratic country can't invade another nation unless an ally, a neutral nation, or itself is attacked, and a fascist nation could be keen on reintegrating cores to its Empire. 

I also believe that a technological tree should make it to where certain technologies, like atomic bombs, can't be made before the 1940s, or airplanes before the 1900s. I give my opinions in my Fourteen Points post.

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