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[Cancelled]AoC II: The Kings of Dynasties Download available!!!

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11 minutes ago, krauser3ful said:

Hi all!!

Tired of travelers in time? Tired of the leaders who only take the water of life? Well then, I have the solution!

Dynasties Mod!!!



If, as the mod says, the leaders of the game will be replaced by their dynasties and we will no longer have to see those travelers in time nor the immortal leaders.

This mod, is still in development and could take two or three months, I hope that much less, besides that this first version will only be compatible with the 1200 scenario. When the version is finished and launched, I will work on the map of 1400 and finally in downloadable content maps.

The mod will contain:

-Dynasties corresponding to the years 1200, 1400 and the dynasties of PLe2 maps in their maps "Medieval age Scenarios (962 ~ 1402)"

-New civilizations that represent the Dynasties, which can be created by fulfilling certain requirements. (This will take longer since I will focus first on adding all the dynasties in the corresponding years before this, but even so, the most likely is that there are already these civilizations when I launch the first vercion)

-New Formable Civilizations.

-New maps, dynasties and fictional dynasties.


I want to say and make it clear, that the mod will probably have some historical error, and that is because of the scant information that is found about some dynasties, but if you know the kingdom, county or duchy that belonged to such a dynasty I would appreciate it Tell me.

Also, I need help with some ideas, I do not know how I could represent the leaders of the American tribes and of Oceania, since we do not find enough information on the leaders in turn, besides that I doubt that they have family coats, so for Please, I'd appreciate it if you could find a solution for that.

At the moment there will be no download link, so please be patient.

Without more to say, here is an image showing all the dynasties present in the mod for now.



Progress of the mod:

Civilizations with their corresponding dynasty

1200: 109/384

1400: 0

PLe2 maps: 0



V1: The region of Italy has all its corresponding dynasties on the map of 1200.
V2: The whole Holy Empire contains its dynasties in 1200.
V3: Scandinavia already contains its dianastias in 1200.
V4: Hungrai, Byzantine Empire, Serbian, Bulgarian, and part of Rus of Kiev with their dynasties.
V5: All Western Europe with its dynasties.


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14 hours ago, Ninetiethbeef08 said:

If our favourite Polish Creator ever makes the Game open source the modding potential are limitess new mechanics and features. 


12 hours ago, Ninetiethbeef08 said:

But I'm being to hopeful once he release iOS it's over for the game

The truth is that I also think the same, but for now we must strive to create good mod with what we have.

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4 hours ago, giannisgkouv2 said:

can you release a demo?


3 hours ago, SUDAMXX said:

@krauser3ful Demo ;-;

Of course, I did not plan on doing it but as you ask, I'll do it, in a few days I'll release it.
That if you want to upload the demo with a manual installation, I mean upload only the mod files, or complete, with game and mod?

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On 5/20/2019 at 7:26 AM, Kelvinnn said:

any update ?


7 hours ago, giannisgkouv2 said:

is it alive?

Sorry for not answering before, but I did not receive notifications and I've been very busy.
If there are new updates, Asia and Oceania in 1200 already have all the corresponding dynasties, to finish the 1200 map, only the shields for America are missing and I am already working on that.
On the other hand, (I say we are working with a friend), we are working on new textures for the menu, which is already finished and for the game interface, which is being difficult to edit but we will get it, besides the mod contains a new texture for the game map, making it look more medieval.
New kingdoms have been added such as the Kingdom of Germany, the Western Sacred Empire, the Holy Eastern Empire, etc.
The map of 1200 has been edited to be more historical, adding a large number of vassals and thus encourage the struggle between families, which is the strength of the mod.
New formable civilizations were added, now it could form the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Portugal, the Carolingian Empire, Moscow, Russia, among many other nations.
In the future, new civilizations will be added to represent the most important dynasties in Europe.

Soon upload images of what I speak.

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It is editing all the flags of the game, so they look much better!
At this moment the formable civilizations that we had already liked are being corrected.
A new list is being made with more formable civilizations, such as, for example, western France, France, Middle France, Eastern France, formable civilizations for Native Americans, among many others!
A few small examples of how the flags will look!

aac.png.fa635c56f1d13db1dce3b0d8a8743a34.png holy.png.653228dfc97f4d76967ceb3fa3dbf5df.png 


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Sorry for not bringing updates or images, but I gave explanations of why, even so, I can tell you that the 1180 scenario is already 100% and we started working on the 1143 stage, I also have to say that many are missing maps to finish the mod, but I have thought of finishing three more maps and release the mod, launching the mod with 6 scenarios and go adding more over time, even so I do not want to be delusions because this is not confirmed yet .

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  • Similar Content

    • By krauser3ful
      We are doing the android version, but we are having difficulties with it, since it gives us certain errors, so I ask for your patience.
      If any of you know how to install mods on Android AoC II and want to help, I would appreciate it.
    • By krauser3ful
      Hola a todos!!
      Cansados de los viajeros en el tiempo? Cansados de los lideres que solo toman el agua de la vida? Bueno entonces, te tengo la solución!
      Dynasties Mod!!!
      Si, tal como lo dice el mod, los lideres del juego serán reemplazados por sus dinastías y así ya no tendremos que ver a esos viajeros en el tiempo ni a los lideres inmortales.
      Este mod, aun esta en desarrollo y pude que tarde dos o tres meses, espero que mucho menos, ademas de que esta primera versión sera solo compatible con el escenario de 1200. Cuando la versión esté terminada y sea lanzada, trabajare en el mapa de 1400 y finalmente en mapas de contenido descargable. 
      El mod contendrá:
      -Dinastías correspondientes a los años 1200, 1400 y posiblemente de las dinastías de los mapas de PLe2 en sus mapas "Medieval age Scenarios (962~1402)" 
      -Nuevas civilizaciones que representaran a las Dinastías, las cuales se podrán crear cumpliendo ciertos requisitos.
      -Nuevas Civilizaciones Formables.
      -Nuevos mapas, de dinastías y de dinastías ficticias.
      Quiero decir y dejar en claro, que el mod probablemente tendrá algún que otro error histórico, y eso es por la escasa información que se encuentra sobre algunas dinastías, pero si tu sabes el reino, condado o ducado que pertenecía a tal dinastía te agradecería que me lo dijeras.
      También, necesito ayuda con respecto a algunas ideas, no se como podría representar a los lideres de las repúblicas, ya que no se encuentra información sobre los lideres de turno como para usar el escudo de su familia, así que por favor, les agradecería si encontraran una solución para aquello. 
      Por el momento no habrá link de descarga, así que sean pacientes por favor.
      Sin mas que decir, acá una imagen donde muestra a todas las dinastías presentes en el mod por ahora.

      V1: La región de Italia tiene todas sus dinastías correspondientes en el mapa de 1200.
      Ya pueden ver el Mod acá, sus idiomas son el Español e Ingles.
    • By krauser3ful
      This mod contains CK2 Soundtrack complete.
      Data of the Pack.
      Number of songs: 35
      Replace the original songs ?: no, unless you delete the "Music" folder that is in the game directory.
      Songs list.
      how to install.
      To install it, you just have to rename the folder "music" to any name and then paste the folder of the .Rar 
      in the directory of your game.
      And to enjoy!!
      to download.
      Upgrade Pack 2
      Songs list
      to download
      If you want a video showing all the songs you add please put it in the comments.
      If there is an error, please report them.
    • By krauser3ful
      Everything that is presented in this story is only fiction and should be taken as such, it is not intended to generate any kind of propaganda. It's just simple training. All the images used in this story are only for reference with the aim of making the story more striking.
      Factions protagonists
                                                                          Krauser House of the West. (Galicia)                                                                                                  Krauser House of the East.
      A long time ago in a different time line
      After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Krausers divided into two, the first went to the East, and the second self-exile, traveling constantly to different kingdoms. Finally in the year 1044, the self-exiled krausers settled definitively in Oporto, lands controlled by the lion kingdom. The following year a new heir named "Germán Krauser" was born. By 1065, Germán and the Krauser House had already gained enough power to start small wars, and that's what they did, they fought with the intention of controlling the Duchy of Galicia. For the following year, Germán achieved independence from León and proclaimed himself King of Galicia. On the other hand, the Krausers settled in the East, increasingly controlled ducats and it was a matter of time before they became the most powerful family in the Byzantine Empire.
      Chapter 1: Positioning yourself in power
      King Germán endeavored to create stability in his young kingdom and succeeded. After a few months, in one of the many meetings that the king had with his subjects, he decided that it was time to make his plans known.
      - Very well, I want that they mobilize all the men towards the border with Badajoz and that at the same time they recruit more men - Ordeno Germán to his subjects.
      "Sir ... does he want to provoke a war?" asked Duran, Chancellor of Galicia and one of the king's subjects.
      -that's right- Germán said as he took an apple from the table and walked towards one of the windows of the room. -The best way to get noticed is by gaining land and with it prestige. And what better way to start with the lands of the Emirate of Badajoz-
      - But sir, this will ruin relations with our neighbors -
      -Lose, lose, but for when they want to try something, we will be ready- Germán said while smiling and eating from the apple.
      The King's order was obeyed and the troops were mobilized and new soldiers were recruited.
      The king's actions made it even worse relations with his neighbors, Badajoz, Leon, Zaragoza and even the Kingdom of France.
      Meanwhile on the other side of Europe.
      The Krausers who settled in the Byzantine Empire each day gained more power and a good reputation, although that did not mean they had no enemies. Mosul, Greater Croatia, and the Holy Roman Empire were some of them. Each for a different reason, Mosul because they constantly hurled insults and had a long-standing rivalry between families. Croatia because it wanted to stay with Jerusalem and the Holy Roman Empire because they considered it an offense, an empire of bad taste that offended and discredited the Roman roots.
      It is worth mentioning that the Krauser House of the East was one of the most powerful families of the Byzantine Empire and was loyal to the empire. In addition, relations between the Krausers of the East and the West were very good and were constantly being helped.
      In Sliven, capital of the Krauser House of the East, he walked through the gardens of his home the patriarch of the family of the East accompanied by his wife and his heir child.
      -Father, the spies have returned and their work has been a success- Said Kaeso, son of Albus and heir of Krauser House.
      "Tell me," said Albus Krauser, patriarch of the family.
      -The spies say that they managed to burn several of the important buildings of the kingdom, as well as generate a large part of the population a feeling against the kings of the Greater Croatia, the instability took over the streets of the kingdom. It seems that it's time father-
      -yes, my son, go and give the order for the men to prepare-
      Immediately Kaeso obeyed and left to give the order.
       -But darling, are you sure this is a good idea? - Asked Olivia, wife of Albus.
      -It is. For years we've been fighting each other, and now, it's time for that to be over- Albus answered seriously looking into his wife's eyes and ending with a smile of consolation.
      The order was given and the men were preparing for the impending war.
      When the armies of the Krauser's were ready, they declared war on their respective enemies and mobilized the troops for the attack.
      Galicia was the one who attacked first. He faced the Emirate of Badajoz. The war began on September 5, 1066, after a formal declaration of war and immediately Mirandela troops marched south. The war was not very difficult for the Kingdom of Galicia and for June 25, 1067 Galicia would take a great victory against the Emirate of Badajoz in the battle of Beja and thus ending the war and signing a peace treaty. The treaty consisted of Galicia taking all the conquered territories with the exception of Lisbon, Evora and Beja.
      This is the Kingdom of Galicia after the peace treaty.
      The Krausers of the East declared war on August 28, 1066 against Greater Croatia.
      The war began with the Battle of Trebinje with the invasion of the Krausers of the East. Thanks to the chaos caused in the Greater Croatia invasion by the Krausers was relatively easy, without much resistance. On June 25, 1067, the war with the Battle of Maribor ended with a victory by the Krausers. The peace treaty is signed and the conditions are that all the conquered territories would be delivered to the Krauser House of the East with the exception of Maribor, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Virovitica.
      Territories of the Krauser House of the East after the War.
      September 18, 1067, both houses Krauser achieved their respective wars by coming out victorious and returning once again peace to their territories. So both Krausers houses were dedicated to assimilate the newly conquered territories.
      After the war, the Krausers of the East gained even more prestige within the Byzantine Empire. He mobilized his troops to his capital and only dedicated himself to invest to improve his economy.
      On the other hand, when Galicia conquered a large part of the Emirate of Badajoz, it began to gain a name in international politics, especially in the Iberian Peninsula. The relations between Munster and Galicia were good and every day they improved more, so the chancellors of both kingdoms began to make plans to improve the future of both nations.
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