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[Cancelled]AoC II: The Kings of Dynasties Download available!!!

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11 minutes ago, krauser3ful said:

Hi all!!

Tired of travelers in time? Tired of the leaders who only take the water of life? Well then, I have the solution!

Dynasties Mod!!!



If, as the mod says, the leaders of the game will be replaced by their dynasties and we will no longer have to see those travelers in time nor the immortal leaders.

This mod, is still in development and could take two or three months, I hope that much less, besides that this first version will only be compatible with the 1200 scenario. When the version is finished and launched, I will work on the map of 1400 and finally in downloadable content maps.

The mod will contain:

-Dynasties corresponding to the years 1200, 1400 and the dynasties of PLe2 maps in their maps "Medieval age Scenarios (962 ~ 1402)"

-New civilizations that represent the Dynasties, which can be created by fulfilling certain requirements. (This will take longer since I will focus first on adding all the dynasties in the corresponding years before this, but even so, the most likely is that there are already these civilizations when I launch the first vercion)

-New Formable Civilizations.

-New maps, dynasties and fictional dynasties.


I want to say and make it clear, that the mod will probably have some historical error, and that is because of the scant information that is found about some dynasties, but if you know the kingdom, county or duchy that belonged to such a dynasty I would appreciate it Tell me.

Also, I need help with some ideas, I do not know how I could represent the leaders of the American tribes and of Oceania, since we do not find enough information on the leaders in turn, besides that I doubt that they have family coats, so for Please, I'd appreciate it if you could find a solution for that.

At the moment there will be no download link, so please be patient.

Without more to say, here is an image showing all the dynasties present in the mod for now.



Progress of the mod:

Civilizations with their corresponding dynasty

1200: 109/384

1400: 0

PLe2 maps: 0



V1: The region of Italy has all its corresponding dynasties on the map of 1200.
V2: The whole Holy Empire contains its dynasties in 1200.
V3: Scandinavia already contains its dianastias in 1200.
V4: Hungrai, Byzantine Empire, Serbian, Bulgarian, and part of Rus of Kiev with their dynasties.
V5: All Western Europe with its dynasties.


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14 hours ago, Ninetiethbeef08 said:

If our favourite Polish Creator ever makes the Game open source the modding potential are limitess new mechanics and features. 


12 hours ago, Ninetiethbeef08 said:

But I'm being to hopeful once he release iOS it's over for the game

The truth is that I also think the same, but for now we must strive to create good mod with what we have.

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4 hours ago, giannisgkouv2 said:

can you release a demo?


3 hours ago, SUDAMXX said:

@krauser3ful Demo ;-;

Of course, I did not plan on doing it but as you ask, I'll do it, in a few days I'll release it.
That if you want to upload the demo with a manual installation, I mean upload only the mod files, or complete, with game and mod?

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On 5/20/2019 at 7:26 AM, Kelvinnn said:

any update ?


7 hours ago, giannisgkouv2 said:

is it alive?

Sorry for not answering before, but I did not receive notifications and I've been very busy.
If there are new updates, Asia and Oceania in 1200 already have all the corresponding dynasties, to finish the 1200 map, only the shields for America are missing and I am already working on that.
On the other hand, (I say we are working with a friend), we are working on new textures for the menu, which is already finished and for the game interface, which is being difficult to edit but we will get it, besides the mod contains a new texture for the game map, making it look more medieval.
New kingdoms have been added such as the Kingdom of Germany, the Western Sacred Empire, the Holy Eastern Empire, etc.
The map of 1200 has been edited to be more historical, adding a large number of vassals and thus encourage the struggle between families, which is the strength of the mod.
New formable civilizations were added, now it could form the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of Portugal, the Carolingian Empire, Moscow, Russia, among many other nations.
In the future, new civilizations will be added to represent the most important dynasties in Europe.

Soon upload images of what I speak.

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It is editing all the flags of the game, so they look much better!
At this moment the formable civilizations that we had already liked are being corrected.
A new list is being made with more formable civilizations, such as, for example, western France, France, Middle France, Eastern France, formable civilizations for Native Americans, among many others!
A few small examples of how the flags will look!

aac.png.fa635c56f1d13db1dce3b0d8a8743a34.png holy.png.653228dfc97f4d76967ceb3fa3dbf5df.png 


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Sorry for not bringing updates or images, but I gave explanations of why, even so, I can tell you that the 1180 scenario is already 100% and we started working on the 1143 stage, I also have to say that many are missing maps to finish the mod, but I have thought of finishing three more maps and release the mod, launching the mod with 6 scenarios and go adding more over time, even so I do not want to be delusions because this is not confirmed yet .

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