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Age of Civilizations

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by Shrimpy5678

A brief foreword:

Hello Everyone,

This is the second version of my separatists scenario. The original only included Europe, but this one includes North and South America, Africa, The Middle East, and Oceania. Don't worry, I've already begun working on Asia, which should be completed very soon 😉. I will be releasing the full map in V3.

Here's some stuff you should know about this scenario:

  1. This scenario has 55+ custom civilizations
  2. The scenario currently has no form-able civilizations, but I intend to add them
  3. The info for these separatist movements comes from Wikipedia, so if you see an error, LET ME KNOW AND I WILL FIX IT
  4. If you find some flags that look really bad (badly compressed, blurry, etc.), let me know about them, because I have a lot of flags to redo. 
  5. When Asia is finished, I will continue to add in civilizations that I may have missed.
  6. I intend on making events, but this is not one of my top priorities
  7. I don't have a final release date yet, but I intend on having one when V3 is released.
  8. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear them. 

I took a break from developing this scenario after I released V1, but recently I got a burst of motivation to work on this project again. I'll continue to work on the scenario as long as I'm motivated.





  • Europe:
    • Euro.thumb.PNG.d4a7b3bbbfcd1a56f77b3f0da7451170.PNG
  • North and Central America:
    • 812536009_NC_America.PNG.87ce329243954a43a0a0ba91c903aec3.PNG
  • South America:
    • S_America.thumb.PNG.61a28f786c0a0fc46b037fd4f3ccd85f.PNG
  • Africa:
    • Africa.thumb.PNG.9aec58ac1c76e2682ae64eb341572053.PNG
  • Middle East:
    • MidE.thumb.PNG.080b100ec3b52d8ec344fcbca6cebf8a.PNG
  • Oceania:
    • Oceania.thumb.PNG.669bbc24009cd6061c0e670349a7a428.PNG






  1. Open the Separatist_Civilizations zip folder
  2. Open the Separatist_Civilizations folder
  3. Open File Explorer
  4. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\game\civilizations_editor in File Explorer
  5. Copy everything in the Separatist_Civilizations and paste it into civilizations_editor
  6. Replace the files (if prompted)





  1. Open the Separatist_Scenario zip folder
  2. Open the Separatist_Scenario folder
  3. Open File Explorer
  4. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth\scenarios in File Explorer
  5. move the 1562988474400yhoimcbd folder into scenarios
  6. Replace the files (if prompted)


RATE THIS SCENARIO (5 stars please 😄)





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Hey, I tried playing this scenario but after putting it in my folder it would crash my game. After renaming the scenario, it would appear in the scenario selection screen, but named as "ERROR". Upon selecting it, my game would crash. How do I fix this?


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8 minutes ago, gangbruhdoe said:

Hey, I tried playing this scenario but after putting it in my folder it would crash my game. After renaming the scenario, it would appear in the scenario selection screen, but named as "ERROR". Upon selecting it, my game would crash. How do I fix this?



I'm genuinely sorry for any trouble that the scenario might have caused you. However, you shouldn't have renamed the scenario, because that's what's causing it to show up as "ERROR". As for your game crashing, I don't know what the problem may be. If you still want to try the scenario, you should delete all of the scenario files (including the civilizations) and try downloading again. However if you give up on this version, I'm going to release a new version of SEPARATISTS tomorrow (which will include the full map), I'll announce it on this topic. I'm going to make sure that the next version works on a completely different computer. Again, I'm really sorry about any frustration that the scenario has caused you, let me know if you need further help.

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1 hour ago, yavuzz34 said:

Ulan it oğlu itler 2020 senaryosuymuş Kürdistan falanmış Türk düşmanları lanet olsun hepinize inşallah Biz Türklere muhtaç kalırsınız Im Turkish

Kardeş senaryonun amacı bu ırk,görüş vs. farkı olan her bölgede yeni bir devlet kurulmuş

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