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On 10/7/2021 at 11:06 PM, Idkwhattonamemyself said:

Is this gonna have canals or rivers if yes please add the rhine as a ligit water thing

Same reply to you, too:

Just now, Ecofcu said:

Everyone who claims to help me is busy with school right now and they don't even text me, so it might not be.


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19 hours ago, thelegendofsoda said:

I'm glad you even with continuous school producing the mod at full throttle

You can come discord server, I'm announcing a lot of them.

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2 hours ago, Amooooooogus said:

Nice mod.

but I think you need to add the guards from Squid game to mod.


This is picture of the squid game guard so please use this as leader portrait @Ecofcu

Did you know this isnt an alternative mod?

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1 hour ago, Mediterranean mapper said:

Its a joke i think

I am sure at this.


26 minutes ago, thelegendofsoda said:

It looks like a bot, but it's not

Yeh 😂

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On 10/8/2021 at 10:17 PM, Ecofcu said:

Everyone who claims to help me is busy with school right now and they don't even text me, so it might not be.

I stoppen because mine laptop crashes when i open several app at a time

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I made some edits.

Mexican Empire has changed to Independent Mexican States and changed government to Republic(Democracy)



Added Kathiri, Quaiti and Beihan; edited Mahra and Najran


(I gave As-Sulayyil to Najran but I didnt take ss after it)

Edited by Ecofcu
For mistake in the ss

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    • By Jota Pe
      Hello again, so i've decided to make some events, this is the iberian update, some features:
            - New Events
            - Reconquista Events
            - New Palette
            - Frontiers in iberian peninsula are more accurate
            - King Death event(only for Leon in 905)
            - Break country events

      Viking Age - 867 AD.zip
    • By siyomono0
      (Read this before you start questioning things)
      I have not seen any thing to do with colonization and just the start date 1440, so I decided to do that
      What this mod provides:
      Only England, France, Portugal and Castile colonize. (for a 1,000 turns before cancer starts) + (A.I will colonize faster than you so you have to compete or war) Events. (more for the future) Major powers do not die immediately. (depends on player action) Creation of dutchy of Prussia, polish - Lithuanian commonwealth, Spain and Tsardom of Russia by events Ming is weakened a lot. (+ Civil war) Western Europe cant colonize Africa until 1480, exceptions are Nigeria and Angola. (that's why there is wastelands on the coasts) More realistic populations Tribes cant take all of America with armies If you defeat a western power you can free it's colonizes, such as thirteen colonizes, south Africa and more  It will stay kind of historical depending on what you do / choose or what the A.I chooses  Cons of the mod:
      Still a lot of cancer. Not done yet. (Lacks Content) If your a tribe then don't border anyone until your a monarchy otherwise you are at war with western Europe. (I'm to dumb to fix)  Western Europe is 50+ technology points above the rest of the world, except Brandenburg and Muscovy Not even close to historical events such as when Columbus discovered America Less tribes ( I need to do this because if I don't then it will be less realistic) Warnings: Don't turn on wasteland provinces colonization
      How to set it up:
      1) Place both civilizations (the two folders on top) in 'civilisations_editor'
      2) Replace the original 1440 scenario with this Mod
      Current new Update Contains:
      - Some mistakes and bugs Fixed
      - Added random events such as Falkland's colonization and India too
      - Events such as China's civil war and ottoman invasion are improved and have extra events (for example you can become Greece)
      - Americas and colonizable lands now can form their independent nation (e.g. peace treaty can free countries like America or Australia) + (no events for independence wars)
      - Might have done extra things as well I just don't remember what I added
      -Better Prussia events / maybe France and ottoman events, I think I added china escaping into Taiwan if you lose the civil war or something
      I posted the forth update because I was bored (I won't be posting often, this is because I have a life outside of editing pixels)
    • By Xjento
      This is hopefully the first good cold war scenario.
      11:59 is not so good mod.
      so yeah i wanted to fix this.
      date:1945 10 october 
      events currently:39
      Countries with events:Indonesia(1),France(6),Canada(1),Venezuela(2),Equedor(1),Yugoslavia(1),Uk(14)
      Brazil(1),Albania(1),Siam(1),USA(2)U.S.S.R(3),Costa Rica(1),Belgium(1),Netherlands (1)
      Cuba(1),communist china(1)
      Events until:4 january 1948
      now in progress:events pictures
      discord: https://discord.gg/DA2UW87nUs
    • By Fireboy
      Hi I'm Fireboy and here is what Imperial civilizations will have THERE WILL BE MUCH MORE.
      15 ideologies
      20 scenarios 5 with events
      A super special modern world with events
      A few formable Nations
      Many new cites and nations
      New maps (maybe)
      New Music
      pls contact me if you have questions
       i will be happy for suggestions
      Also I need help
      Discord: https://discord.gg/KfzX8r4q4a
      This is my first mod and I hope u enjoy
      progress 5%
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