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A Chaotic Modern Day

Should i make the U.S states join NATO?  

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  1. 1. Should i make the U.S states join NATO?

    • yes, of course!
    • no, that would ruin the fun.

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so, i have this copy of the "Modern Day" scenario on the Aoc2 mod Addon+.(which you need for this scenario when it releases)

i will allow anyone to suggest what changes i should make to the map. so, basically, what i am saying is that i am making a scenario where anyone can change the map. the scenario will be done when the map looks completely diffrent from the original map.

a list of things you can change to the map:

1. a new country being formed

2. an entire country collapsing (splitting into smaller countries, you can say which countries it will be split into)

3. a change in a country's ideology

4. a country fully or partially annexing another country (has to be a neighboring country and has to be smaller, example: Finland can annex a small part of Russia, but not all of it. A country can also annex another country if it was historically a part of it.)

5. a country becoming a puppet of another country

6. the creation or destruction of an alliance

7. a civil war

8. unification of 2 or more countries

What the world currently looks like:




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Dissolution of the United States - each state becomes fully independent.

China annexes North Korea.

Norway and Sweden unite into a single country (Sweden-Norway).

Germany annexes Austria (Anschluss #2).

Ireland annexes Northern Ireland, Scotland separates from England. Wales remains part of England.

Canada annexes Greenland.

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What if the Ethiopian Empire, Romania, and Angola start at a time of fascism, make an alliance then make all possible countries anschluss with an exaggeratedly high army. Finland joins its alliance, many Finns are in the regions it owned before WW2, Finland demands the former territories from Russia and its headquarters, does the same as its allies did, and when Finland conquers Berlin, they prepare troops and declare the war to Russia, and occupy the beaches of the United States, (obviously with many troops), and the lack of happiness produces a civil war in Italy and joins the axis (Romania, Finland, Ethiopian Empire and Angola) only that if you can PLZ😄

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