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Age of History 3

Greater Sweden (1200 Conquest)

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First Goal: Establishing a United Coastline


The Sweden Kingdom was one of the most powerful nation in Scandinavia but with my leadership, this kingdom will be the most powerful empire in Europe.

To be powerful nation you need a strong economy to support the army so that was my focus and to establish a friendly Nations to secure the borders.

My first Military move was to take Kvenland to unite the split coast of Sweden.

Invasion of KvenlandScreenshot_20190113-120428.thumb.jpg.f6f723a6b728a06b2216e4570a8e14a6.jpg

In March of 1203, I've build up a army on both sides of the border ready to invade at my mark. I have ask the Leader of Kvenland to lay down there arms and join the dream of a Greater Sweden.


The have refused which meant war so my army had there commands and started the invasion.

War For United Coastline


The Initial attack was swift and quick we have gain the initiative but unbeknownst to me they had a army in the sea which I wasn't prepared for. They attempt to counterattack on both fronts, I recruited a small army on the eastern front to ensure my Nation will not be invaded.


The western front seem it would be able to withstand the counterattack, I sent out a small army group to keep the push to the capital.


Western army was able to survive the counterattack and continue it's assault, the Eastern army suffered a lost and the reserves had to be sent out.


Western Army suffered a lost of 433 units when it was confronted with Kvenland's Main Army. The Kvenland nearly surrounded us and almost cut off our supply chain. I sent out a small army to ensure we do not get surrounded and what was left to face the Kvenland Main Army head on.

Eastern front had gained back the initiative but Kvenland wasn't over with it's counter attack and attempted again.

Screenshot_20190113-120821.thumb.jpg.904e28f38c1c5d6422b14d35eeb9d6d3.jpg Victorious on all Fronts we push for the capital and all controlled provinces.


War For United Coastline was over and Sweden was Victorious.

We have lost 1,800 units in this war but they did not die in vain since now Sweden is not separated but unitedScreenshot_20190113-121339.thumb.jpg.6ec41bf6b402b7cfabdb52c27578342b.jpg

In the years to come we seek to expand but this war will not be the only one, it was just a taste of what will come.


With friendlies to the west and north of us, there is only the east to worry about. The road to Greater Sweden is not over yet.

Repost, next segment coming soon

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2nd Goal: Maintain the Borders


Novgorod became unfriendly during the War of United Coastline. I have left the border defenseless since assimilating and building the economy used alot of gold it wasn't needed until now.

To protect the border with less army i have began the building of Castle on Vyborg.

At this point, War must be avoid to allow time to grow. There are things you can't avoid.

The Flu


It began in the outskirts of the Capital. I expect a quick pass through but I was wrong.


In a matter of 6 months I have lost 23000 people to this flu which was hurting my economy but it will not effect my goals.


The army that fought in Kvenland had arrived to the border, Novgorod build up a their armies on the border.

If war was to happen, it would happen here.


The Flu was ending but not without taking thousands of lives with it. The Kingdom of Sweden has lost 78000 of its citizens. It affected the morale of the army and the population.

The flu gave no mercy to the sick.


In the year 1215, Sweden had fully assimilated the nation of Kvenland.


Tension building and with Economic growth I invested more in border protection. 

A Opportunity: Tavastians-Kakisalmi War


With growing tension building between these two small nation war erupted. 

The time spent focusing on economy I am able to afford a small conflict which this would be perfect for. 

The capital of Tavastians has a high economy and population value which would be a great addition to a Greater Sweden.

So I decided to build up a new army focus on the borders of Tavastians.


In the beginning of 1224, I declared war on Tavastians began the first assault to the capital.


Tavastians survived the 2 front attack leaving no survivors. 

Afraid of losing this precious province I quickly scramble to summon a army to try and attack it again.


Tavastians surrounded by all sides pushed back Kakisalmi Armies from it's border and push to take one province from me. This counter attack came at a cost they suffer high casualties and the armies were spread to thin.

The Armies station in the castle was sent out this was the turning point of the War.


Tavastians surrounded and out numbered, I closed in from all Fronts to ensure victory.


With Tavastians Defeated my army moved to the weaken nation of Kakisalmi. 

The nation lost there best army and had no money to recruit another so I have decided to attack them because if I let them live they will recover and be able to build up a army to be a problem for me.

With Novgorod Having a chance to declare war on me in any turns made it clear.

Kakisalmi must be invaded.


The Armies invaded on all Fronts


Swiftly we moved across the weaken Nation, though it is cruel if we don't take it other nations will.


Sweden was Victorious winning both wars and gaining full controll of their provinces.


This War was practice for the wars to come.Screenshot_20190113-225232.thumb.jpg.5a62f08b4a32b025c20c74d0f83d3117.jpg

Through conquest Sweden has grown to be a Great Power, but as I grow Enemies do too. Taking more land has created a larger border to protect and all in the Eastern Part.

Will Sweden Survive, or Thrive?


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Karelia War


The momentum from the victory of the previous wars made me confident for this war, they aren't weaken but Sami wasn't friendly with Karelia. I offer for a joint war effort against Karelia which they agree.


The war has began


The western army began the assault while the southern army will be grow and use for the final attack.


Western Front was successful but faced the Main Army of Karelia.


Karelia attempted to counter attack in all Fronts but they failed and lost their main army.

My army regrouped and continue their attack.


Successful in all front I moved to attack the capital to end this war.


Karelia was conquered


The war was won and and took control most of the provinces.

The lost of 1300 units will be remembered. 

Sweden was ready for Novgorod

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Novgorod Campaign 


Sweden with land gained from the previous war has gain the rank of 3rd most powerful nation in the world.

This isn't the end, with the last enemy at the border I will make sure that Sweden would dominate the northern part of Europe.


In preparation for the the invasion of Novgorod, the Prussians declare war on Sweden.

This was not what I was prepared for and since i was building a army on the other side of the sea, I would need time to prepare the defense of Sweden.


A small garrison was recruited in the capital to be the first line of defense so I may switch focus to Novgorod.

Screenshot_20190113-231710.thumb.jpg.c3a2443c99e2dc2cc9bf9f323a2138f3.jpgThe army regrouped on the border and fully prepared I have decided it was time to attack.

Screenshot_20190113-231923.thumb.jpg.29fe083cd0cc8b6701807051c4f8a3e5.jpg May 2nd 1235

War was declared 


The invasion of Novgorod has began with the armies attack from all Fronts.


The Initial attack was an success but our southern armies was face with a army that had been hidden from us.

A army of 4000 was station in Saint Petersburg. We were weren't prepared for such an army.


Army Centre continue the assault well I quickly regroup the Southern Armies to a castle.

The Novgorod Counterattack has begin 


Novgorod Grand army destroyed my main south army with high casualites. 

I scramble to summon armies to stop his advance.

I sent Army Centre to help encircle his grand army or at least capture his high economic provinces.


Containment has failed Novgorod army has spread over karelia, I must take back the initiative so with Army Centre I began to attack St Petersburg  to ensure we have supplies.Screenshot_20190113-232311.thumb.jpg.30e8ead7d7628b0a7104a43f81273eae.jpg

Weaken from not being supplied I pushed Army Centre to take the Capital of Novgorod.

I attempted to connect the coast to ensure we have supplies.


With the Grand army of Novgorod encircled I began to attack from all sides.

We will outnumber them in our land.


Successful we continue our counterattack, there is no where to run for the remains of the Grand army.

This War completely made me lose focus on another enemy, and they took advantage of it.


Prussians Invaded Sweden.

This was a complete surprise and was extremely close to the capital. 

Afraid of losing the capital I build up a army and waited tok see what they would do.Screenshot_20190113-232639.thumb.jpg.4638e9c8e20683529f94103ffe5a2e66.jpg

The Prussians attack the countries side taking alot of land but they left the Southern flank open for a counter attack.


While dealing with the Prussian invasion, I began to deal with the Novgorod armies in Karelia 

To be continued



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Novgorod Army was defeated in Karelia.


I regrouped the remains of the reaction army to get to Saint Petersburg as fast as possible. 

If Novgorod would want to start to invade again he would need his high economy province to ensure a long term war.  Screenshot_20190113-233147.thumb.jpg.d07e07a93247d7cba3f3ce403c9b5461.jpg

Novgorod Advance to the outskirts of the province, it may in ruins and defenseless.

This is exactly what I want Novgorod to think, I built up a army strong enough to start to a advance to it's capital. Having the remains of the last army in the rear as reinforcement I waited til they take Saint Petersburg


Saint Petersburg was taken but I sent in my army to retake it and the reinforcement to reinforce the eastern flank to make sure I do not get encircled.

Army Centre would need to be build up again to attempt to gain back the middle initiative 


I pushed back Novgorod and with the capital defenseless I sent a small fraction of the army to take over the Capital.

Army Centre built up, was sent out to push back the remaining enemy army and having the last of the Eastern front army to block any flanking, it was a push to the border


The Capital was taken and Novgorod Armies was defeated in all Fronts, this is the beginning of the end for Novgorod.


The order to advance was a go.Screenshot_20190113-233622.thumb.jpg.d5009156086a4e2456f0267c7b662b3a.jpg

The head of the army was defeated at the outskirts of Novgorod's capital but it was a desperate attempt to stop the advance, it weaken their army while the rest of mine was still arriving.

Screenshot_20190113-233708.thumb.jpg.9e82fe0b44921da2778b68ac3102de25.jpg Once it was defeated it was time to strike the heartland.


I continued the advancement 

I think they lost to much economy to fund a war.


My army swept through the heartland of Novgorod.


The final part of the Invasion


Novgorod has fallen


Novgorod War, was a victory through there was high casualites, they suffered more.


The new acquired land from Novgorod, and a truce. It opens the door to the west since the Eastern Part of Sweden is protected.


The war is not over, the Prussian invaded me so I decided I should pay a visit.


I Build up a army of 2000 and I set sail to the Prussians.


I was offshore of The Prussians but they have their own army waiting for mine. Through they are weaker then mine, it is not a 3 to 1 advantage I would like to have so I figured to ask for peace before attempting to invade.Screenshot_20190115-174108.thumb.jpg.8e2b7c1f9e9aeeaaf070e38a2b2dd591.jpg

They have accepted and Sweden is ranked 4th in the world.

With new lands and protected borders. I have time to grow or just end the story here.

What else do you guys want me to do?

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Operation Scandinavia


After 17 years Sweden  became a economic powerhouse. Producing 2k gold each turn and a newly formed army, the goal now is to take over the Scandinavia Area. 

With the Eastern border protected from any invasion it was time to start Operation Scandinavia.

Operation Scandinavia Phase 1: Invasion of Norway



In the 5th of December of 1260, phase 1 of Operation of Scandinavia was under way.

With a constant flow of 2k of gold it would ensure a constant flow of 600 army each turn of needed.


Army North would split Norway in 2,  and focus on flanking Norway from West then to South.

Screenshot_20190121-125150.thumb.jpg.5f6a65773c537698823f46b34fea2e36.jpg The Southern army would a focus on a defensive approach while a small army would encircle the capital.


The Northern Army was succeeding in the advance.

My focus is take out their economic provinces to win the War long term.


Norway sent their Main Army to gain a province, though I lost 1000 men they left their capital open for invasion.


Northern Army was stopped at the north so reinforcement was sent, the southern part keeps the offensive.


Norway spread out their main force but they lost one important thing, their capital. With lost of their economic center they can not replace the army they lost while I can.

Reinforcement from My capital was sent.

The war continues











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