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My ideas for the improvement of the vassal system

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Frankly, I wish to start this topic by saying that the current vassal system we have in AoHII is very much dry, unrealistic, and underused (something that can be applied to many other features, but that is for another time). And so, this is my personal vision of how a vassal system could work in AoHIII:
(Please do note that this is a half-finished idea of mine, you can help by making some sense out of it for me)

Firstly, subject nations should be split into multiple types, some examples would be vassal states, autonomous states, tributary states, satellite states, dominions, colonial states, protectorates, neo-colonial states, etc. The divisions between the types of subject nations would depend on how independent the subject nation is and how dependent the subject nation is on its overlord in multiple categories

Categories which can be:

  • Economical, developmental
  • Governmental and Political
  • Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy
  • Policies and law
  • Military and Defense
  • etc

An example would be how South Vietnam was in the Vietnam War, with its economy and army independent, able to be managed by itself, but dependent on American aid, or how the South Vietnamese government might be nominally independent, but its legitimacy based entirely on the United States with no real political freedom, etc

Secondly, the way subject nations and their overlords change the subject's autonomy. While the subject nation doesn't have a legitimate government, changes by the overlord should be instant. But with a government, changes take time and require approval of the local government, which the more drastic the changes are, depending on the government type and other factors, the more unlikely it will be enacted.

Meanwhile, without a government, changes in the subject require direct approval of the overlord, but once a government is established, depending on other factors, small changes can be executed independently.

Finally, the question of independence. Independence can only be achieved by either reaching enough autonomy and having a functional nation, or by attempting a revolution. Once it reaches enough autonomy, the nation can cut ties to its overlord through a treaty, which it can use to grant the overlord some privileges and guarantees in exchange for a higher chance for the overlord to accept the subject's independence. On the other hand, attempting a revolution requires cause (Examples: Taxes, discrimination, exploitation...or even by utilizing politics and other factors) in order to gather support from the people. An ultimatum will be given to the overlord, demanding changes and autonomy (as a revolt) or total independence (full revolution), which if the overlord refuses, war will begin. If said war is won by the overlord, changes will come to the subject, but whether for the better or for worse is dependent on the overlord's attitude, the revolt/revolution size, and their intent, etc.

The same would be for the overlord attempting to annex the subject: By lowering their autonomy and slowly integrating them and their people as a part of the nation, or by an ultimatum demanding lowering autonomy or full annexation, giving the subject independence if they manage to win.

Overall, I doubt a system such as mine will have any chance to be integrated into the game, but I do believe that at least some changes are required to make the vassal system better. This idea of mine works based on other proposals that I imagine I might write down in the future if you guys wish so (but after writing this crap, I doubt I'll touch upon this for the next few weeks). If you guys have any suggestions that you think should be included in my ideas or AoHIII in general, then speak up when you have the chance, it will contribute to the betterment no matter how small. I wish the community and łukasz a great day.
No pressure, man.😽

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