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2 hours ago, King player said:

Guys, Kerem told me that this mod is dead and that he wants to focus on the other mods like Conquerors II. I ask him in private and he said that all the files of this mod has been deleted and he will not longer develop this. Truly sad news to hear. We will never see this mod in full.

Sad as faq but now it's only wishes for the Conquerors II pass this mod in perfection purposes ;-;

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can you make provinces that bulgaria got after the first balkan war? can you adjust the provinces so that it will be possible to make reichskommissairat ukraine, ostland, moskowein, and kaukauses? Also pls make some of the borders possible for the partition of poland according to the molotov-ribbentrop pact. Lastly, pls add more civilizations, specifically the walords and cliques during China's warlord era and stuff for the russian civil war, and maybe civilizations for alt histories like kaiserreich etc. I know I am asking for a lot, but aoc2 is a pretty plain game so I am really excited for this mod and the finished product.

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Good! the province number maybe between Hearts o AoH2 and Darkest Hours.

well i wish there were some area that army can't go through like the alps,the pyrenees,the hymalayas,the andes. you can make this system when you work on connections.

Keep a nice work😃

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2 hours ago, Dev said:

Playing in europe all the time came become boring sometime

do you have the android link from which you installed this mod? if so, I would be very grateful to you because when I want to install this mod, it installs another mod "king of dynasty" and world+ is my favorite mod ♥️♥️

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      Warning : Working only on Sieg Edition and please set 0% Aggresion for more historically gameplay.
      Hello. Finnaly i finished my World War 1 map with events. About the map
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      Eye-catching icons,
      Nice background and more just wait.

      You can follow the developments here : https://discord.gg/4ZaH3aKvMY

      By @Resul Pasha and @urdekreiz
      This mod is frozen until September...

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