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Rise of the British Empire (finished)

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I was ispired by the story of goktug14. (It's very good)

England, 1200, default options




Richard the 1st became king of England when his father Charles I died at the age of 51.

His plan was to create a global empire - the British Empire. The problem was that England wasn't powerful and strong enough, so he had to do something to change that.




It was the 14th of February in 1200 when Richard the 1st gave the order to prepare an army to conquer the Kingdom of Gwynedd. The war should be fast and not many people should die, Richard thought.



On the 8th of September in 1201, England declared war on Gwynedd and began invading their land with about 2500 troops. The campaign was a success and Gwynedd was soon conquered by England.


Richards next target was the Kingdom of Powys, so England began gathering its troops near their border.


The war was declared on the 20th of December in 1203 and also here England faced just a little resistance.


Richard was very happy about his successful campaigns but he was thinking about where England should expand next.


Some time passed but he decided to sign non-aggression pacts with some neighbouring countries, so that he could concentrate fully on the Irish kingdoms in the west...

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Richard planned to invade Kildare and Leinster first and then move on to the other countries.



England attacked Kildare on the 10th of March in 1206 with about 2600 troops and the peace treaty was signed about 100 days later.



Then Leinster was next and England began to invade them with about 1800 troops. The war was much harder than expected and at the end only 8 brave English soldiers survived but England won.

Each of them received a medal from Richard himself and all fallen soldiers were honoured at a ceremony. For Richard, this war was not like the others. He didn't know why but it was special.



Richard continued operation "Irish Kingdoms" with attacking Thomond. Thomond fell with only a small resistance.

Operation Irish Kingdoms lasted now for over 4.5 years and it was a very expensive war. Richard knew that he had to invade the other countries quickly to focus on research and development to support the economy.



On the 20th of July in 1212, England gathered its troops around Desmond and conquered it in a very short time.

Meanwhile Tyrone managed to conquer the Kingdom of Cosnacht, which means that Tyrone was the only Irish Kingdom left.


Richard was planning the final war against Tyrone with his officers when he received a letter from his cousin Edith Lagarde, in which she asked him not to attack Tyrone, because her children live their and she wants them to be safe. Richard knew that he now had to decide between the glory of his country and the welfare of his family. It was difficult for him but he had to make a decision...


To be continued...

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In the morning of the 15th of September in 1214, the commanding officer of England in Dundalk (Ireland) received a message of King Richard.

It was a very short message:


Start the invasion!

- King Richard I.

It was not easy for Richard to make this decision, but for his dream of a global British empire he knew that he had to turn against his family if necessary.



Thousands of English troops immediately began invading the land of Tyrone. The invasion was successful and easier than expected, so many soldiers survived. Richard ordered to move these troops to the border of Scotland, because that was his next target.



Operation Irish Kingdoms was over. It lasted for nearly 9 years and cost thousands of English and Irish lives. It was also very expensive but it was worth it, Richard thought.

Richard's plan was to prepare the war against Scotland while Ireland got assimilated. He wanted to conquer Scotland first, then Britanny and then proclaim the British Empire and make it a global power.


Next episode soon

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On 1/12/2019 at 10:29 AM, goktug14 said:

why u would assimilate them? let them stay in potato fields and starve

10/9.999 needs more british stuff

From Richard's diary:


24 January 1215


And the afternoon tea was good.


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The plan was working and the assimilations were doing great.



On the 31st of July in 1217, Richard ordered the invasion of Scotland with over 5500 troops. The most troops of Scotland were stationed at the border so they could get destroyed easily.


Afternoon, the 16th of November in 1217:

Richard was in his dormitory when suddenly one of his officers storm into his room.

"My King, my king, something terrible happened. Castille, Aragon and Provence declared war on us!" said the officer.

"That's not possible, why would they do that?" said Richard.

"We don't know, but it's true. We need your orders now." responded the officer.


Richard decided to finish Scotland first and then send troops south, to defend the English territory in the Normandie.



The peace treaty of Edynburg was signed on the 4th of March in 1218, with the full conquest of Scotland. Meanwhile, English diplomats tried to make peace treaties with the other countries, but Richard knew that they would never accept that now.



On the 23rd of May in 1220, also Brittany, Denmark and Norway joined the war against England. Meanwhile, Castille declared war on Aquitaine and managed to advance to English territory in the Normandie.

Richard knew that this was a big threat to his country and his plans...


To be continued...

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Aquitaine managed to recapture most of their territory with the help of England but Brittany was able to advance into English territory. Richard ordered a counterattack on Brittany and was successful.



Luckily only 700 troops from Norway and none of Denmark attacked the English coast and failed.



Until the 21st of August in 1221, England was able to conquer Brittany and to defend against Aragon, Castille, Denmark and Norway. Provence asked for a peace treaty multiple times, but didn't accept any proposals from England (lol). Portugal managed to defeat Castille with the help of Aquitaine.



Now, England had to defend against aragonese troops coming through Aquintaine because they had military access. Richard also wanted to conquer some islands of Norway and Denmark to get a fast peace treaty.



On the 28th of March in 1224 Aragon, Provence and Denmark signed a peace treaty with England because they couldn't break through the English defense.



At first, Norway refused to accept a peace treaty, but after heavy and successful fights from England for some islands of Norway, they accepted a peace treaty.

With that, the "Great English War" was finally over.

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Richard decided to invade the Kingdom of the Isles on the 7th of September in 1230, because he tought the territory should belong to England. The war was very easy.



Then he finally proclaimed the British Empire on the 23rd of November. His dream became reality and now he only had to make it a global empire.



England's relations with France were very good, so Richard decided to make an alliance, which was accepted. Richard had also many relatives in France like his cousin Edith Lagarde.



Now it was time to explore and conquer other continents, so the British Empire sent thousands of troops to America to conquer Lenape on the 24th of March in 1232.



The attack on Lenape failed miserably and Richard had to sign a peace treaty, because otherwise the war would got too long and too expensive. This was the first war Richard couldn't win.


On the 13th of January in 1235, Richard received another letter of his cousin Edith.

It said:


To his majesty, King Richard I.

Almost 29 years ago, you decided against your own family. Fortunately my children were able to flee from the war, but your decision remains the same. Me and my mother were horrified and so far I didn't want to write to you.

But there's something you can do to compensate your decision. France is at war with Denmark and the life of me and many of our relatives is in danger. You have the power to put an end to it. I beg you! Please at least think about it.

Yours sincerely

Edith Lagarde



Next episode tomorrow (it's already prepared)

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Because of his family, his lost war and the alliance with France, Richard decided to join France in the war against Denmark on the 14th of January in 1235.



The British Empire sent nearly 10'000 troops to Denmark and decided to land in Hamburg.



The landing in Hamburg was successful and France began to support the British troops.



The war was easier than expected so the English and French troops could advance fast. 2800 additional British troops were sent to Denmark to ensure the victory.



The peace treaty of Copenhagen was signed on the 9th of February in 1237 and Denmark became a vassal of the British Empire on the 4th of April. The war was over and the family of Richard was safe and the cohesion between France and the British Empire was strengthened.



Richard was now 56 years old. He got wiser but his plans didn't change.

He was born on the 18th of March in 1181 and became the king of England when he was 19 years old.


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On the 28th of May in 1237, Denmark decided to go at war with Estonia and asked the British Empire to join. Richard decided to join them because he was interested in some territories in the east.



The landing was easy and successful. Unlike Denmark, Richard decided to annex Estonia at first.


He ordered to gather the remaining troops around Livonia to expand the British territory in the east even more.


The attack 2 years later was very successful and the British troops only faced a small resistance. 


Again Richard decided to gather the remaining troops around Pskov. 


The British Empire attacked Pskov on the 13th of May in 1240 with about 5600 troops. The Invasion was successful and not hard.



Meanwhile, France asked for war preparations against Provence and the British Empire accepted.



Richard's last target in the east was Selonians. The British Empire attacked with about 5000 troops and was successful.


Next episode will have an overview over the current situation in Europe.

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On the 28th of September in 1241, the British Empire received a war declaration of Oldenburg. Richard wasn't worried about it because he wanted more influence in northern  Germany anyways.



Meanwhile, several buildings like libraries and workshops were built to support the economy.



The British Empire sent 4000 troops to conquer Oldenburg. The attack failed but only 92 troops from Oldenburg survived. This remembered Richard of the war against Leinster, where only 8 English soldiers survived.



The second attack on the other hand with 3200 British troops was successful and the British Empire was able to conquer Oldenburg.




This is the current situation of the British Empire in Europe.

  • The influence of the British Empire on Europe is very high.
  • Bulgaria managed to expand and is now No. 3 in the world ranking.
  • Britains relations to the east are bad.


Current plan of Richard:

  1. Stabilize the Situation in Europe
  2. Increase the economy and the technology level
  3. Start colonizing the world


Sorry for the short episode. The next one will be more "interesting" (war).

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Richard demanded the full annexation of Frisia to increase the influence in the region. They didn't accepted so the British Empire declared war on the 11th of May in 1244.



The Frisian troops were fighting hard so Richard sent 1500 additional troops.



After the attack of these troops, the capital of Frisia fell and the country was annexed.



Meanwhile, the plague began to spread in easter Europe and affected British territories in the region.



On the 13th of April in 1246, France declared war on Burgundy and asked the British Empire to join. Richard decided to join them and began sending troops to the front.


Afternoon, the 15th of November in 1246:

Richard was planning further military actions against Burgundy when an officer stormed into the room:

"My king, we received a war declaration of Aquintaine and France asked us to join their war against Morroco. What are your orders?" said the officer.

Richard was shocked, because he wasn't prepared for such a big war. He decided to join the war of France and began gathering troops in the fight against Aquintaine and Burgundy.


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The British Empire had financial problems with recruting so many troops in a short time. France managed to conquer big parts of Burgundy and the British Empire was busy pushing back troops of Aquitaine and Burgundy.



After some months of fighting, the British Empire and France were able to push back the enemy forces.



Now, the British Empire and France were able to push deeper and deeper into enemy territory.



The peace treaty of Dijon meant the full anexation of Burgundy by France.



5 months later, the peace treaty of Dijon was signed and Aquitaine was split between France and the British Empire.



Meanwhile, Verden declared war on the British Empire and Richard decided to call Denmark to war, so they can handle it.



The only enemy left was Morroco, so the British Empire and France sent its troops south.



Unfortunately, the British and French troops soon came into a stalemate with the enemy troops but also the peace negotiations were unsuccessful.

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Morning, the 13th of November in 1250:

It was a sunny morning when Richard walked with his son and some servants in the palace courtyard. Richard was already very old and thought a lot about the war against Morocco. Suddenly, Richard felt a pain in his chest and fell to the ground.

He knew that he would die and he whispered to his son: "Please... finish my.. dreams... Richard."

"Please, no father, don't die!" his son (his name was also Richard) said horrified.

The servants tried to get a doctor, but it was too late.



Richard I, king of the British Empire, died of a heart attack at the age of 69. Normally people didn't get that old back then, but in this case Richard was someone special.

His son was shocked about what just happened but he knew that he will became the new king of the British Empire, King Richard the 2nd.

Richard was sad and furious at the same time and he saw in Morocco a complicity in the death of his father.

He knew that he would fulfill his father's plans and dreams and that he would act with an iron hand in the war against Morocco.



The coronation of Richard II. took place in the Westminster Abbey one month later.


King Richard the 1st

* 18th of March in 1181 - † 13th of November 1250

"His life was long and war-torn, but still it was fulfilled."

- Richard II about his father


From now on, when I say Richard I mean Richard the second (son).

Source: www.wikimedia.org / Adam Bishop / CC BY-SA 3.0

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