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Most of us know the kaiserreich scenario. One of HOİ4's most popular mods. There was an update to the Steam version (HOİ4). So I made this updated version to AoCII. I added borders, vassals, alliances and relationships

 If you don't know the script, in short:
If the Germans had won the first world war


Download Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k640VvoslhY4ateotUEzhhOlvPNyExWN/view?usp=sharing

First images from HOİ4. then images from AoCII








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2 hours ago, davidtjk said:


Transnistria at east of Russia

Bukhara has 1 more province in China border

Byelarussia and Ukraine

I think Hungary should have 1 more province at the border with Austria

Shammar has a coast?!

I think giving ifni to Spain without Ifni in aoh2 is bad idea

The "Q"ing Empire*

Edited by Ecofcu
And Kazakhstan

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