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Grosser Kaiser - first half of the 20th century mod.

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Android - Things to fix: 

• The keyboard should be visible

• Province names, leaders, and correct birthdays for leaders.

• It should not be neutral (because when this country attacks another country, it ceases to make sense)

• The formal countries - Poland needs only 3 provinces to form the Polish-Swedish Union (Warsaw, Gdańsk and Stockholm)

• Rename countries - for example nger_mo

• Change country flags as some are rospixseled - for example Austria with Stalinism and Trotskyism is rospixseled

• SocialDemocracy- Social Democracy  

That's all I found for the Android version.

I know it's hard, but please, this is my favorite mod that I found 😁

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Next things to fix

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On 3/24/2021 at 11:00 AM, otso-greatest said:


Grosser Kaiser - is a modification designed to acquaint the player with an extremely interesting time period in human history - 1900-1950 years.

what's new the modification adds:
- About 30 new scenarios, starting in 1900 (the height of the war with Boers in Africa) and ending in 1949 - the beginning of the conflict in the duopolar world of the United States and the Soviet Union

- Several backgrounds to choose from (PC version), the main of which is the dark background of the map, which is a mixture of the original background and the satellite one.

~ 170 new provinces, adding historicity to the borders in the game and changing the experience from the game for the better.

- A few events in the scenarios of the Second World War (1936), the Boer War (1900), the Spanish Civil War (1936), the beginning of the Cold War (1949).

- 15 ideologies.

- Interface in dark colors to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the era.

- Music taken from HoI IV.

- More than 300 new rulers for states in different eras - from Bukhara Khan in 1900 to Kim Il Sung in 1949.

- Changed buildings in accordance with the surroundings.

- At the moment, there is only the Russian language, however, in the 1.2 update, English will also appear.

- And much more - you can see it yourself during the game.

All information in group.




Link to 1.1 

PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D5-UlmQUwFEUxByYuKlxob27d0JLYJHj/view

Android: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AKAaDgtBL5Q3EPnkGWlR9gpaWL4kEBbz/view

When is 1.2, It’s a great mod. Also are there events.

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