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Age Of Civilizations II MEGAMOD v5.6 | PC and iOS versions released!

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Good night everyone! I came here with another leader teaser, now for a few minor nations for the Modern world scenario.








I think all leaders are done now. I'll work on new scenarios for the 19th century and also a scenario for 1440. Goodnight you all 🙂


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19 hours ago, PHZanoniGamer said:


thank you

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25 minutes ago, RenskyNoia said:

vai ter a proxima atualização pra pc? vai ter os codigos BEII?

Não sei dizer, não sou eu quem transfere os dados pra Pc, mas sim um conhecido meu, e ele está offline por um tempo..

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3 hours ago, JonaConquer said:


Zanoni Why Did You Remove The TNO Sub-Scenarios And Civs? + Why Are The Borders For The Greater German Reich So Sloppy (In The Mobile Version) And Can You Add The Scenarios And Civs From Pc To Moblie?


Scale three issue

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24 minutes ago, cvbnm07 said:

Probably a scenario you were making then quit it then forgot about

I didn't create that and the name of the author is Jonathan, but my name isn't Jonathan and I don't know any Jonathan 

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3 hours ago, Emir of Granada said:

The Natives: are we a joke for you?

Well you should add Mapuche, Cherokee, Comans... like Sieg Edition Victorian Scenario.

Otherwise, the level of curseness will skyrocket.

Age of imperialism a mod with events still cause having Patagonia colonised by The Qing, Ottomans, Moldova, Sweden, Morocco..

But with more provinces, I may see something...

I'll add them 

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