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15 hours ago, VitalianXXI said:

Why countrys are with strange names?

Vou te responder em português mesmo, isso é por que ele mudou a fonte (letras, etc... O texto em si) para uma diferente da original. E a propósito, o correto é countries.

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On 12/31/2018 at 6:02 PM, Jaggwagg said:


~ A mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II !



Futura is a total conversion mod that aims to bring the future into Age of Civilizations II. New scenarios, events, UI, music, and so much more has been added to Age of Civilizations II. Let the future be in your hands with this mod. Remember, this mod is realistic, and all features are based on today. However, this is based purely on political standpoints (obviously climate change and other drastic effects could or would have happened).

Also, these scenarios might change based on current political standpoints. These scenarios are also based on the idea of no more global conflict in the future (which is the realistic option, but things can dramatically change).

Keep in mind the supported scenarios are 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath. Any other scenarios might make the game crash or cause unexpected behavior.



It is important to backup your current Age of Civilizations II folder as this mod will change many files.

AoC2 - Futura Mod - v0.2

Mod DB Page



• 2050, 2100, 2200, Machine War, and Machine War Aftermath scenarios

• United Nations

• Completely new futuristic looking UI

• New countries

• Current and future canals (Panama, Suez, Kiel, Thia, and Mexico)

• New music (all music by Kevin MacLeod)

• New governments

• New diseases

• New ages


Planned Features

• New events and formable countries

• Decision system

• AI and nuclear warfare

• More scenarios



2050 Scenario:



2100 Scenario:



2200 Scenario:



Machine War Scenario:



Machine War Aftermath Scenario:



Can I review your mod on my YouTube channel? My YouTube Channel

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