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Diadochian's War - Description

After the death of Alexander, there was an succession problem: Alexander did not designate an heir. So, his generals fought each other to contend the main power. This is the first Diadochian's War (322BCE). 

Civilization suggested: whatever


Odyssey - Description

This is an free-roaming scenario: choose Itaca and explore Greek Mythology! I'm based on Odyssey, the poem written by Homer, but I wanted to add others mythological figures that are not in the original poem (like Knosso's Labyrinth or Medusa). Beside I'm based on the old-text games: pick a choice and see what happens! For explore a new land, just declare war on nation (DO NOT DECLARE MORE WARS AT THE SAME TIME!!!) and follow the story. You don't need to invade. I added many game-over, so you will have to restart several times!

Civilization suggested - Itaca

Obviously it works just on Itaca!


The Rise of Persian Empire - Description

Cyrus II the Great became the Emperor of a gigantic empire in a very short time: with intelligence he managed to quickly subdue the great powers of his time.

Civilization suggested: Persia

It has main story (based on the real date!) and some casual events.


650BC - Description

During 7th century bce, Assurbanipal expanded his empire and preserved culture. I think he deserved his own scenario for his effort to deserve the knowledge!

Civilization suggested: whatever


Ab Urbe Condita - Description

21 April 753: According to tradition Romulus kills his brother, Remo, and found Rome. We don't know exactly where the real story begins and where the myth ends, but of course it was an epochal event that changed Western History forever and probably no other nation has influenced subsequent generations as much as Rome.

Civilization suggested: feel free to try all nations!  Try to reunifying Egypt and form Egyptian Empire, expand Assyrian Empire, reform Hittiian Empire, lead Phoenicians eternal glory, form Holy Chartaginian Empire or try to form Roman Empire passing through Republic! Each great power or important nation has own formable civ!


First Punic War - Description

This is start of the World War in Ancient World: you must fight against Carthage (or against Rome!) to control Mediterranean!

Civilization Suggested: whatever


235 BC - Description
This is the world after 1 Punic War
Civilization Suggested: whatever


Second Punic War - Description
Dum Romae consulitur, Saguntum expugnatur. This was the greatest war in all history in my opinion. Hannibal and the Alps, Canne, Scipio and Zama: i think no other war is equal to 2 Punic War. 
Civilization Suggested: Roman Republic (it has events!)

What If.. Carthage Won 2nd Punic War? - Description

𐤀‎𐤁‎𐤂‎𐤃‎𐤄‎𐤅‎𐤆‎𐤇 ‎ 𐤑‎𐤒‎𐤓‎𐤔‎𐤕‎𐤖  𐤔‎𐤕‎𐤖‎𐤗‎𐤘‎𐤙‎𐤚‎𐤛 𐤀 𐤁 𐤂 𐤃 𐤄 𐤅  𐤆 𐤇 𐤈 𐤉 𐤊 𐤋 𐤌 𐤍  𐤎 𐤏 𐤐 𐤑 𐤒 𐤓 𐤔

Civilization Suggested: Carthaginian Empire (it has events!)


What If.. Rome never existed? (Suggested by BrazilianMod!) - Description
What If Rome never existed? Probably Etrurians could rule North Italy, while Tarentum and Carthage at South. You'll decide if Etrurians will have the same fate of Rome.
Civilization Suggested - Etrurian Empire

200 BC - Descriptions
The World post 2nd Punic War!
Civilization Suggested: whatever

Carthago Delenda Est! - Description
Third Punic War!
Civilization suggested: Roman Republic (events + Senate System)

Mare Nostrum - Description
The World after third Punic War
Civilization Suggested: Rome (it has Senate system well implemented)


What If.. Alexander never took Power? (Suggested by @BrazilianMod) - Description
What if Alexander never took Power? Probably the Greek poleis would have successfully rebelled, the vacuum of power would lead in a Civil War in Macedony and probably Darius III would try to conquer Balkan Peninsula during all this chaos!

Civilization Suggested: Persian Empire


De Bellum Iugurthinum - Description
Numidian War was really particular: every general sent by Rome here was corrupted by Jugrurtha! You'll do the same?

Civilization suggested: Roman Republic (events + Senate System)


100 BC - Descriptio/Descriptionis
The world at 100 BCE!
Civilization suggested: whatever (Rome has Senate System)

Marius and Sulla Civil War (First Roman Civil War) - Descriptions
The first Roman Civil War is so ignored from most: I think is really important, because Sulla could be considered as "First" Emperor of Roman History
Civilization Suggested: Optimates (it has events!), Populares (it has events!)
I added two "main quest", Optimates really won the war so is based on history, while Populares is based on your choice. They are not very long, but I hope you like it!

Edited by GheovgosGJ

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On 7/21/2020 at 5:53 PM, GheovgosGJ said:

Roma Invicta is a new mod based on the ancient era. It will add some provinces, new scenario, leaders, formable civs, new wonders, civilizations. I'll realase new contenent with new updates, I have small time to work on it, so i'll try to be fast. The mod at moment contains:

  • New historical civs (at moment 550+ civs)
  • New provinces in Greece and Turkey, Italy, Swis, France, Hiberia, around the Balck Sea. I added 120 about.
  • New Cities and renamed some vanilla cities (f.e.Baghdad is now Babylon, Istanbul is Byzantium, and others)
  • New 11 government types (Poleis, Persian Satrapy, Empire, Italic Tribe, Iberian Tribe, Celtic Tribe, Barbarian Kingdom, S.P.Q.R., Pharaonic Kingdom, Military Anarchy and Beduins)
  • New historical leaders (f.e. Pericles and Themistocles)
  • New formable Civilizations (Carthaginian Empire, Roman Republic, Spartan Empire, Athenian Empire, Theban Empire, Empire of the Argives, Macedonian Empire, Gallic Empire, Celtiberian  Empire, Holy Carthaginian Empire, Etrurian Empire, Epirus Empire and much more!). There will be more!
  • 10 Scenarios, see below
  • New Ages
  • Olympic Games (Available only for Athens in PersianWar lite scenario and What if.. Alexander)
  • New Music
  • New Sounds
  • New wonders (Cnosso's Labyrinth, Babel Towet, Ishtar Gate, Ziqqurat, Colosseum, Sphinx, Olympic Stadium)
  • Terrains buffs and bonus now are modified: take care of the grounds!
  • Added Tigri and Euphrates Rivers (compatible with vanilla map)


I'll consider all suggestions for Scenario, Leader, Civs or formable civs. I'll try to add here! Be free to suggest anything!

The next update will be on the Born of Rome and Assurbanipal (estimated time: 4-5 days)

The most of the flags ARE NOT MINE. I taken by r/vexillology or other sites that share flags. If the creators of these flags dont want to see their flags here, I'll remove them.
Give me Feedback!


  • Roman Republic was founded in 509BC and had as territories only Rome province. I wanted to add more provinces in formable Roman Republic to make more challenging (available for Roman Kingdom)
  • Carthaginian Empire, Celtiberian Empire, Spartan Empire, Athenian Empire, Theban Empire, Empire of the Argives never existed.
  • Misia , Egypt and Lydia were under Persian Control, but i wanted to make them as vassal, so Persian Empire don't be too strong.
  • We don't know exactly when Trojan War was fought: someone says in 1250 BCE, others in 1180BCE. I choose 1250BCE due to there were great Kingdoms like Hittities and Assyrians. However, there wil be historical mistakes in Central Asia and India, I have tried to be as precise as possible.

PC: Download

Android: Download

This is also a tribute to my classical learnings: Covid stolen my last school years. I will never be able to give a worthy farewell to my school, teachers and friends. Everyone has improved me everyday. Thanks.




Persian War Scenario - Description
In 499 BC, Darius I decided to expand his Empire. After the legacy of the reign of Cyrus the Greater, he tried to subdue Ionic colonies. All Poleis gave up to the Empire, except Myletus. This colony received army by athens, but they were defeated. Darius decided to continue his campaign and conquer Greece. But he had bad surprises.
Civilization suggested: Athens
Events available only to Athens and few to Persian Empire.


Poleis Scenario - Description
This Scenario is located in 450 BC, in full splendor of Greek Culture. There are the most important greek colonies, as Akragas, Tarentum, Emporion. I added too some italic tribes like Sanniti or Siculi.
Civilization suggested: whatever
There are no events, its just scenario.



499 BC - Description
This is full World for Persian War scenario: there are the no events, but diplomacy is the same.
Civilization suggested: Carthage, Arverni, Helvetii, Roman Republic, Macedony, Neri's tribe, Sparta, Athens, Argos, Thebe
They have formable civs!


Peloponnesian War - Description
After victory on Persian Empire, Athens became strong: Pericles led Athen to great glory. He formed Delios-Attic league to control Egean Sea. Sparta formed own leage and tried to oppose diplomatically Athens, but it was a climax of disputes, until 431BC, when war broke out. Thucydides said: "Of course this was the greatest upheaval that ever occurred among the Greeks and for a part of the barbarians and, so to speak, also for most men"

Civilization suggested: Sparta (it has events!)



Civilization suggested: Sparta
It has events!

Rise of Alexander - Description

Alexander became King of Macedony early and everyone didn't trust him for his inexperience. He showed them they wrong.

Civilization suggested: Macedony (it has events!)



What if.. Alexander wasn't dead early? - Description

This is an alternative scenario about Alexander: the events are based on my fantasy. There is Olympic Games.

Civilization suggested: Macedonian Empire (it has events!)



Trojan War - Description

The Trojan War is told in Iliad, an ancient and important poem made by Homer. I wanted import that poem in this game: I tried to add every book and tell Trojan War in an alternative way.

Civilization suggested: Mirmidoni (it has events!)


 (See below the others scenario)

Hey! You may remember me from the mods post (I found 6 mods including this one and Ple2's!!)

Your mod is great,and I'm looking forward to the updates! The only issue I have is the map,there a lot of new provinces and new small countries,but your tried to be historically accurate with them so I don't mind as much,in fact I find it impressive!

Very good mod sir!

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19 minutes ago, Commieslav said:

Hey! You may remember me from the mods post (I found 6 mods including this one and Ple2's!!)

Your mod is great,and I'm looking forward to the updates! The only issue I have is the map,there a lot of new provinces and new small countries,but your tried to be historically accurate with them so I don't mind as much,in fact I find it impressive!

Very good mod sir!

I'm happy to see you! Yes I'm trying to be as accurate as possible. If you get trouble for the small provinces, I suggest you to set scale higher, it should works fine

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13 hours ago, GheovgosGJ said:

I'm happy to see you! Yes I'm trying to be as accurate as possible. If you get trouble for the small provinces, I suggest you to set scale higher, it should works fine

I set the scale higher,and it is A LOT better now (the struggles of a low-end device heh). Thanks for the help 😄

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8 hours ago, Fabiklan said:

yes i allready have

What program do you use to unzip? Probably this is the problem..


6 hours ago, BrazilianMod said:

you will add scenarios about the fall of rome

Yes I will! I'll start Roman History in the next update

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1 hour ago, GheovgosGJ said:

New update! I added two new scenarios, bugifxes (i hope you haven't seen those monsters), optimized The Rise of Persian Empire scenario, replaced more sounds and added quotes latin\english in loading screen. Tell me if you like it!

Yes, i'm happy to see the final result 

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10 minutes ago, Fabiklan said:



You need to put every file inside Roma Invicta main folder in the game folder. You must put contents of RomaInvicta/music in AoC2/music, RomaInvicta/game/leaders to AoC2/game/leaders and so on. Keep in mind when you will add my map, you need to add lines in Age_Of_Civilizations.json (i add instructions in). Tell me if works!

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    • By dort
      Ancient Tales of the Earth
      -A Lot of Scenarios

      -Large Amount of Provinces

      -New Civilizations

      and etc.

      I will release a beta when there are at least 300 provinces.

      -If you want to contribute dört#8315 is my discord.

      I will send the progress of the map in comments below
    • By Squirtile
      This scenario takes place in 304 BC. It is now in a finished phase but ill be adding updates as often as I can. The map goes from the Iberian Peninsula to China.
      Not all is historically accurate but I tried my best make sure it is.  Also some areas like germania is purposely left unoccupied.

      Also i recommend this scenario is played in 50% speed
      Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RxwAdU0FkwLIUs-_Hu9IgJof8ejfedkf?usp=sharing
      4/20:More Civilizations in, Iberian Peninsula, Central Asia, and India. Map has been extended to China.
      Mauryan Empire has events now.
      4/21: North Africa is remade making Carthage Weaker. More Civilizations in West Africa. Mauryan Empire events have been improved. The Qin event has been fixed.
      3/29 2020:Removed Events
      To dolist(for now):Planning to revamp the events
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      Imperator Rome Mod
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      The Mod should include: Every Imperator Rome nation kinda, Ideologies, and over 7000 Provinces (hopefully, since the map is kinda sorta blurry)
      Hey guys just wanted to start back since I have no reason not too since, well, quarantine, so i have begun work on this but i am using the old map so 300+ Provinces are still there

    • By Beter Griffin
      I have begun work on a probably 1000+ province map of the Roman world. Unlike the hoi4 map project, this one will not be abandoned. In fact, I might even restart the hoi4 map someday.
      Map I'm using:

      Map: 10-15%
      Growth rate, regions, etc.: 10%
      Scenarios: 1-2%
      Fleshed-out scenarios (events and other things that will require more than /map): 0%
      Total: 4-6%
    • By PETER
      Courtesy of creator of Bloody Europe II map... Thank you!
      I've been making this by myself on my android.  Most of the civilizations, especially the tribes, but also many Greek and Etruscan city states, I had to make on my own.  I'm working on adding the ancient Irish tribes (Hibernia), splitting Illyria into more accurate tribes, and I'm working on tons of events.  Some of these include:
      The Macedonian conquest and subsequent partition (into Ptolemy, Seleucid, etc.) Rise of Parthia The Hunnic invasions Somehow simulating Germanic displacement of continental Celts without making playing as one of them practically impossible migration of Slavs Muslim invasions Most ambitiously, slowly transition each tribe into medieval kingdoms (Herules to Denmark, Swedes to Svealand, Gaulic kingdom unity, Britonic kingdom unity, etc.) However, there are still many problems I am facing. 
      First, the timeline moves too quickly before 500 A.D.  At first even at game speed 50% about 1-3 years pass each turn. yet once 500 A.D. is reached, it shifts to about 5 turns per year.  That is absurd as it takes only 500 turns to go from 600 B.C. to 0 (Not nearly enough time for the AI to conquer and grow.  Rome for example only starts to unite the Italian peninsula at 200 A.D.) yet it takes about 200 turns to go from 500 A.D. to 530 A.D.  This makes it very hard to make events based on dates and certain years.  I have to consider whether to put an event on its historically accurate date or on the date the AI will reasonably be ready for it.  
      I've seen others have the same problem, but there is this horrible bug that takes all of the tribes and maxes out their tech within the first 30 turns of the game.  Considering most of the civilizations are tribes in this scenario, it has ruined games.  The bug does not appear in AI only test runs, only when the game is actually being played.  
      This might only be a problem for android, but the growth rate editor is broken.  Why would I need to edit?  The default growth rate is clearly to reflect the industrial output of early modern Europe, but that is very different from ancient Europe.  For example, both the Rhineland and the Baltics, which should be extremely underdeveloped and forested regions, have higher growth rates than Gaul, which should be much more developed by comparison with trading towns, or even Italy or Greece.  How is it broken?  Every time I go to change it, it gets reset to the default.  As a side note, the terrain editors are also broken in the same way.  
      Last, this is mostly just an aesthetic worry, but adding cities is also broken, as in also immediately resets to default.  Not a functional problem, but there is something frustrating about the capital of Babylon being Baghdad, or the capital of Carthage being Tunis.  
      So I decided to reach out to the community for guidance. Also, when I am done I'd love to share it with all of you, but being on Android I don't know how.  

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