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Age of Civilizations

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Roma Invicta is a new mod based on the ancients scenarios made by @GheovgosGJ. I aim to be as accurate possible, investigating in the sources and I try to giving you a good and valid scenarios. I do this for the sake of History, it is for me a way to celebrate it. Quoting Thucydides, "(The History is) A possession forever, rather than a piece to enjoy at the moment" (Stories, 22, 4)

The mod contains:

  • New historical civs (1100+ civs)
  • New provinces in Greece and Turkey, Italy, Swis, France, Hiberia, around the Balck Sea. I added 120 about.
  • New Cities and renamed some vanilla cities (f.e.Baghdad is now Babylon, Istanbul is Byzantium, and so others)
  • New 11 government types (Poleis, Persian Satrapy, Empire, Italic Tribe, Iberian Tribe, Celtic Tribe, Barbarian Kingdom, S.P.Q.R., Pharaonic Kingdom, Military Anarchy and Beduins)
  • New 150+ historical leaders
  • New formable Civilizations (Carthaginian Empire, Roman Republic, Spartan Empire, Athenian Empire, Theban Empire, Empire of the Argives, Macedonian Empire, Gallic Empire, Celtiberian  Empire, Holy Carthaginian Empire, Etrurian Empire, Epirus Empire and much more!).
  • A lot of new Historical Scenarios (see below!)
  • New Ages
  • Olympic Games (Available only for Athens in PersianWar lite scenario and What if.. Alexander) and Senate System (see below)
  • New Music
  • New Sounds
  • New wonders (Cnosso's Labyrinth, Babel Tower, Ishtar Gate, Ziqqurat, Colosseum, Sphinx, Olympic Stadium)
  • Terrains buffs and bonus now are modified: take care of the grounds!
  • New Background (Thanks to AoC2 Modding TR and Addon+ Creators for giving me permission to use their background!)


In Mare Nostrum Scenario, Carthago Delenda Est, De Bellum Iugurthinum, 100BC I implemented Senate for Roman Republic. There are 2 factions, Optimates (a kind of right-wing) and Populares (a kind of left-wing). Each give you benefits: Optimates Improve your money and Economy but make you lose Happiness. Populares instead improve your happines and movements points, but make you lose money and economy. So, you'll try to be balanced. WARNINGS! If you support too many times each side, a civil war will broke out! Instead, if you try to change government types to Empire, there will be opponents and you must fight civil war (it needs some bugfixes but works). So, how became an Empire? 
You must follow these points: have more than 300 provinces (it changes depending on the scenario! More provinces has Roman Republic, more you need to become an Empire); have more than 90+ happiness in your civ; have more than 50'000 money and have more than 1000 soldiers in Rome. If you respect these points (not necessarily in order) you'll become Princeps!

At moment, I'M NOT WORKING AT PROJECT. I'm BUSY and I can't do much. But I listen every suggestions, MAYBE in future I can do another update. If you want to share your scenario/civs, just send it to me. I'll add in package (IF it's historically correct, I'll control) and I'll give you all credits for that scenarios/civs. So:

I'll consider all suggestions for Scenario, Leader, Civs or formable civs. I'll try to add here! Be free to suggest anything!

The most of the flags, music, sounds ARE NOT MINE. I taken by r/vexillology or other sites that share flags. If the creators of these flags\songs\sounds dont want to see their flags here, I'll remove them.
Give me Feedback!


  • Roman Republic was founded in 509BC and had as territories only Rome province. I wanted to add more provinces in formable Roman Republic to make more challenging (available for Roman Kingdom)
  • Carthaginian Empire, Celtiberian Empire, Spartan Empire, Athenian Empire, Theban Empire, Empire of the Argives never existed.
  • Misia , Egypt and Lydia were under Persian Control, but i wanted to make them as vassal, so Persian Empire don't be too strong.
  • We don't know exactly when Trojan War was fought: someone says in 1250 BCE, others in 1180BCE. I choose 1250BCE due to there were great Kingdoms like Hittities and Assyrians. However, there wil be historical mistakes in Central Asia and India, I have tried to be as precise as possible.
  • Etruscan and Phoenicians WERE NOT a single state, they were similar to Greek poleis. I wanted to make them as single state due to their history is different from Greeks.
  • Third Punic War was fought in 149 BC, but I had to move in 150 BC.
  • South India was made up of a lot of Civilizations during Maurya Empire. Out of necessity I reduced them.
  • Italy in second Triumvirate (Octavian, Mark Antony and Lepidus) was shared indiscriminately by them, but, to balance it, I added some provinces of Italy to Octavian (otherwise it would have been too weak).
  • Roman Empire was divided in 395.

PC: Download Manual

Android: Download Vanilla BG | Download HQ BG | Download Roma Invicta + Ple2 Package (All-In-One)

(If android version stuck on loading, just restart it!)

This is also a tribute to my classical learnings: Covid stolen my last school years. I will never be able to give a worthy farewell to my school, teachers and friends. Everyone has improved me everyday. Thanks.




Persian War Scenario - Description
In 499 BC, Darius I decided to expand his Empire. After the legacy of the reign of Cyrus the Greater, he tried to subdue Ionic colonies. All Poleis gave up to the Empire, except Myletus. This colony received army by athens, but they were defeated. Darius decided to continue his campaign and conquer Greece. But he had bad surprises. First Scenario, be kind
Civilization suggested: Athens
Events available only to Athens and few to Persian Empire.


Poleis Scenario - Description
This Scenario is located in 450 BC, in full splendor of Greek Culture. There are the most important greek colonies, as Akragas, Tarentum, Emporion. I added too some italic tribes like Sanniti or Siculi.
Civilization suggested: whatever
There are no events, its just scenario.



499 BC - Description
This is full World for Persian War scenario: there are the no events, but diplomacy is the same.
Civilization suggested: Carthage, Arverni, Helvetii, Roman Republic, Macedony, Neri's tribe, Sparta, Athens, Argos, Thebe
They have formable civs!


Peloponnesian War - Description
After victory on Persian Empire, Athens became strong: Pericles led Athen to great glory. He formed Delios-Attic league to control Egean Sea. Sparta formed own leage and tried to oppose diplomatically Athens, but it was a climax of disputes, until 431BC, when war broke out. Thucydides said: "Of course this was the greatest upheaval that ever occurred among the Greeks and for a part of the barbarians and, so to speak, also for most men"

Civilization suggested: Sparta (it has events!)


Rise of Alexander - Description

Alexander became King of Macedony early and everyone didn't trust him for his inexperience. He showed them they wrong.

Civilization suggested: Macedony (it has events!)



What if.. Alexander wasn't dead early? - Description

This is an alternative scenario about Alexander: the events are based on my fantasy. There is Olympic Games.

Civilization suggested: Macedonian Empire (it has events!)



Trojan War - Description

The Trojan War is told in Iliad, an ancient and important poem made by Homer. I wanted import that poem in this game: I tried to add every book and tell Trojan War in an alternative way.

Civilization suggested: Mirmidoni (it has events!)


 (See below the others scenario)

Edited by GheovgosGJ
Final Update!

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Hi. I was playing with Athens for 300 turns and I have things to comment:
-The division of the Greek provinces is interesting, but when I want to move a unit to the sea, it inexplicably disappears. I have also noticed that when I click on the water a window seems to "colonize" below.
-The alliance system you used for the Greek coalition ends up corrupting as the turns go. When a polis calls for war, all his allies do the same. It becomes impossible to defeat the alliance. So I recommend putting allies in "Defensive Pacts" instead of mega-alliances.
I think that is all. English is not my lingua franca, so I'm sorry for the mistakes.

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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Máximvs Magno said:

Hi. I was playing with Athens for 300 turns and I have things to comment:
-The division of the Greek provinces is interesting, but when I want to move a unit to the sea, it inexplicably disappears. I have also noticed that when I click on the water a window seems to "colonize" below.
-The alliance system you used for the Greek coalition ends up corrupting as the turns go. When a polis calls for war, all his allies do the same. It becomes impossible to defeat the alliance. So I recommend putting allies in "Defensive Pacts" instead of mega-alliances.
I think that is all. English is not my lingua franca, so I'm sorry for the mistakes.

For the first point i know, some sea provinces are giving me some troubles. I'll try to fix them, don't worry. 
For the second point, I can't do much. The defensive-pact often doesn't work, so I decided to use alliance. I tried to make balanced the two sides, when I played it was ok. After I'll try to fix, thank you for your feedback!

Edited by GheovgosGJ

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, RyanOrleansII said:

Could you make it A p k? because I'm on Android and it's difficult to download

Yeah of course. I wanted to waiting other updates, but I'll make one. 


Edit: I made one!

Edited by GheovgosGJ

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On 8/2/2020 at 1:49 AM, BrazilianMod said:


the mobile version of the mod is not working

What is the problem? What happens when you try to run it? The link works fine? I tried on my smartphone and it works well, if you give me more info I'll fix it!

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1 hour ago, BrazilianMod said:


happens in all scenarios and generally aoc2 works normally

I'll try to fix it! I think is 'cause of some hd flags, they doesn't work well in some devices. I'll compress them in next update (I'll release soon, i think in two days)

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Posted (edited)

New updates! I added several things: new formable civs, Tigri and Euphrate rivers, new civs, scenarios and music. I improved android version too, now is more stable! See main post for more info!

Edited by GheovgosGJ

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, BrazilianMod said:

Your mod is very good you will create more alternative scenarios ?

Yes I planned other alternative scenarios: What If Carthago won 2nd Punic War and What If Rome never fell. If you want to suggest any others alternative scenarios feel free to suggest me anything! I'm glad you like it 😄

Edited by GheovgosGJ

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11 hours ago, NinjaSupreme said:

I have the game for android link it says App is not installed


Do you have others AoC2 game or others mods? If yes, you need to unistall them: Roma Invicta uses the same signature of AoC2 original, so the system thinks Roma Invicta is an update of AoC2, but it doesnt install. If not, you have enough space in you system? The mod is ~250Mb, so you need at least 800Mb free in your rom. Let me know if you'll solve!

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6 hours ago, BrazilianMod said:

could you create a scenario if the roman empire never existed

It seems a great idea, I'll add it! You mean if Mark Antony won at Atium (and so Octavian could not create the Empire) or Rome was never created by Romulus?

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      I've seen others have the same problem, but there is this horrible bug that takes all of the tribes and maxes out their tech within the first 30 turns of the game.  Considering most of the civilizations are tribes in this scenario, it has ruined games.  The bug does not appear in AI only test runs, only when the game is actually being played.  
      This might only be a problem for android, but the growth rate editor is broken.  Why would I need to edit?  The default growth rate is clearly to reflect the industrial output of early modern Europe, but that is very different from ancient Europe.  For example, both the Rhineland and the Baltics, which should be extremely underdeveloped and forested regions, have higher growth rates than Gaul, which should be much more developed by comparison with trading towns, or even Italy or Greece.  How is it broken?  Every time I go to change it, it gets reset to the default.  As a side note, the terrain editors are also broken in the same way.  
      Last, this is mostly just an aesthetic worry, but adding cities is also broken, as in also immediately resets to default.  Not a functional problem, but there is something frustrating about the capital of Babylon being Baghdad, or the capital of Carthage being Tunis.  
      So I decided to reach out to the community for guidance. Also, when I am done I'd love to share it with all of you, but being on Android I don't know how.  

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