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Age of Civilizations

How to create map (Step by step)

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again, i remade all the provinces replaced everything set the numbers correctly, but sinces its stuck on the custom map i made the game won't launch at all! it just tries to launch my map but it closes itself.


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    • By SES
      Quisiera duplicar el mapa de la tierra para cambiale los terrenos y esas cosa pero ni idea de como hacerlo xd.
      Les agradeceria si me dijeran como hacerlo.
    • By RentedDog3942
      Hey Guys,
      I started playing AoC 2 today because I loved the first game and played it hours and hours on my phone, now I'm playing on PC. I started my game with Germany with our Muddi Merkel as leader and I quickly consumed Poland, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Now I'm afraid of war between me and Italy because they don't like me and denied a request for a non-attack-Treaty. I wanted to fortify my Borders in Switzerland but heres Problem:
      I can't recruit any Troops in occupied Provinces, so, do I have to get my troops from Bayern and Baden-Württemberg (I don't know the english name) or is there any way of making occupied countries a part of my country, so that I can recruit troops? Or are they occupied forever?
      Please help me, Merkel wants no war^^
      Greetings, your Dog3942 from Germany!
    • By SpinoPL
      stworzyłem scenariusz ale okazało się że niektóre cywilizacje mają o wiele większą ekonomię od innych np Polska ma 144 000 a Indie 1000000. Jak zmniejszyć ekonomię proszę pomóżcie mi XD
    • By Heidelmann
      I request that a Viking Age scenario be added to the game.. I've tried, but on mobile, it is painful. 
      I ask a map of the world during the Viking Age. Im so sorry to ask, and I feel very ashamed to ask, but it is a very significant time in history, and it will be fun. If someone does this, god bless you.
      Thats it thanks!