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1 hour ago, Nationalism Is Strength said:

fuck off, youd be pissed if someone stole your content mate. it takes skill to make background, i wonder how reich feels getting his background getting stolen constantly

You opened an account 1 hour ago, and you're telling me it's hard to make a background

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download file is missing could you send it please


On 7/25/2020 at 4:11 PM, Kerems2434 said:


B.C 100


BC 50 javaw_2020-07-25_15-55-44-76.png




50 javaw_2020-07-25_15-56-13-49.png


100 javaw_2020-07-25_15-56-25-49.png


150 javaw_2020-07-25_15-56-39-90.png


200 javaw_2020-07-25_15-56-52-38.png


250 javaw_2020-07-25_15-57-12-60.png




350 javaw_2020-07-25_15-57-42-69.png


400 javaw_2020-07-25_16-08-41-39.png


450 javaw_2020-07-25_16-08-57-78.png


500 javaw_2020-07-25_16-09-12-92.png


550 javaw_2020-07-25_16-09-34-16.png


600 javaw_2020-07-25_16-09-55-78.png


650 javaw_2020-07-25_16-10-13-69.png


700 javaw_2020-07-25_16-10-32-63.png


750 javaw_2020-07-25_16-10-52-39.png


800 javaw_2020-07-25_16-11-09-49.png


850 javaw_2020-07-25_16-11-23-04.png


900 javaw_2020-07-25_16-11-36-61.png


950 javaw_2020-07-25_16-11-50-02.png


1000 javaw_2020-07-25_16-12-04-98.png


1050 javaw_2020-07-25_16-12-20-60.png


1100 javaw_2020-07-25_16-12-37-50.png


1150 javaw_2020-07-25_16-12-51-13.png


1200 (Improved)javaw_2020-07-25_16-13-16-37.png


1350 javaw_2020-07-25_16-13-28-63.png


1400 javaw_2020-07-25_16-13-46-61.png


1450 javaw_2020-07-25_16-14-06-24.png





1600 javaw_2020-07-25_16-15-01-42.png


1650 javaw_2020-07-25_16-15-16-40.png


1700 javaw_2020-07-25_16-15-39-36.png


1750 javaw_2020-07-25_16-15-55-22.png


1800 javaw_2020-07-25_16-16-09-15.png


1850 javaw_2020-07-25_16-16-30-42.png


1900 javaw_2020-07-25_16-16-48-10.png


1950 (Cold War) javaw_2020-07-25_16-17-19-64.png


2000 javaw_2020-07-25_16-17-43-10.png


World War I 1914 javaw_2020-07-25_16-18-18-48.png


You can look at all of the pictures of these scenarios 🙂 


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Hi i download this mod like 1-2 months ago and there are some scenario isues when i download it, like scenarios after 1700 has a lot of long turn problems they make you wait 3-5 min per turn i just want ask, that problem solved or its an issue that can't be solved.

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Selam Kerem abi ben Android kullanıyorum, "Fate Of World" mod paketini indirmeye kalktığım zaman (yükleme bitti ve kurulum zamanı) "Bu Dosya İndirilemedi" hatası alıyorum, ve indirilemiyor kendi Conqueror's II'mi ve Age Of History II'mi sildim ancak yine olmuyor yardımcı olursan sevinirim 

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    • By Kingpvz
      Helo! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida.
      I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!Background: 
      PROVINCES: 100 | Plan for provinces: ~1000
      CONNECTIONS: 0/?
      SCENARIOS: None
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      Hello everyone! I have reworked my old Mod Launcher, this one works way faster and better! There are also 0 text files needed or all of those batch files, its all coded in c#.

      AOC2 Mod Launcher v2.5.rar
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      Download latest actually working version here
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      As the title says, this is open source, and you can edit it to your liking

      It might not work for you if your windows installation does not have xcopy 
      Which should come with windows
      You can search a tutorial online how to get it (Probably)
      Good luck!
      AOC2 Mod Launcher.rar (alpha 1.0) wine cmd compatible
      AOC2 Mod Launcher V A 1.1.rar (alpha 1.1) wine cmd compatible
      AOC2 Mod Launcher V A 1.5.rar  (alpha 1.5)
      AoC2 Mod Launcer V B 1.0.zip  (beta 1.0)
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      Run the .main.bat file using wine cmd
      Article: https://www.linux.org/threads/running-windows-batch-files-on-linux.11205/#:~:text=Batch files can be run by typing "start FILENAME.,cmd.exe %2Fc FILENAME.
      Command (In launcher directory): "~$ wine cmd" and run it from that console or "~$ /.main.bat" (Please use Version Alpha 1.0 or 1.1 for this)
      Update 1.1:
      1. Extra console logging and a notification when copying is done.
      2. I removed auto start of AoC2.exe since it would not work.
      Update 1.5:
      1. New GUI added:
          1a. New files to make the buttons work in batch
      2. Minor code redesign
      Update Beta 1.0:
      1. Major code redesign (Visual Basic implemented)
      2. Minor changes to original code (Batch code)
      Update Beta 1.2:
      1. File reorginesation
      2. More options in the launcher
         2a. Play
         2b. Simple launch (Copies AoC2.exe to the mod folder)
      Update Beta 1.4:
      1. Added the ability to play your simple launch more easy.
      2. Brand new GUI 
      Update Beta 1.5:
      1. Changes in the GUI settings
    • By Prostik1
      Hello English-speaking players of Age of History! I want to inform you that a global mod for aoh 2 will be developed soon. This will be due to the multiplayer, where you can play more comfortably than in the vanilla version. Now our goal is to remove the old Remote Play and add new functionality. You can create your own servers, or join others. Choose a country and play for your health!
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