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Age of History 3

Age of Anime 1.5 MOD (NEW UPDATE)

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Age of Anime is a mod that changes every leaders portrait including the ones that dont have a portrait or a leader and some other UI Elements and changes it with anime!

Completed Scenarios :
- Modern World Complete !
- World War II : Complete !
- Victorian Era : Complete !

- 1440 Will Come In V2



the mod should work with other mods (tested with addon+)

and we're planning to add the portraits of every single civilization in the game so stay tuned!

Update Log :
- Victorian Era Scenario Is Completely Finished


Edited by ThisIsADisplayName

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On 15/11/2020 at 06:20, ThisIsADisplayName said:

Xin lỗi, mediafire không cho phép các tệp bình thường nên tôi đặt nó ở dạng zip

Ok, nhưng vậy có thể tải bắng driver chomre được ko

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Vào ngày 15/11/2020 lúc 06:20, ThisIsADisplayName cho biết:

Xin lỗi, mediafire không cho phép các tập tin thường, tôi đặt nó ở bình thường

À mà quên có app làm zip bằng --- rồi 🙂


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On 11/15/2020 at 3:51 PM, kokakolabrooooo said:

I am cringiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

true all of the leaders being anime girls are cringe 

It will be better if it was not only anime girls

Edited by davidtjk

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