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Age of History 3

Stronger Rebels, Lower Assimilation.

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Imagine Countrywide Revolutions, in Colonies and Conquered Lands, That End up creating either vassals if you win or a new country if you lose?

before you tell me "it's already in the game!" I know, I'm not as dumb as I look, but seriously, rebels are weak and don't create anything stable, the only time I lost to rebels was a tiny revolution in Florence, it created the country of Florence back but, maybe there could be civil wars, and assimilation is also very strong, it can wipe out a whole ethnic majority if you focus on it, Personally I think assimilating a province should be not converting the locals (OK fine i know this was hard on you Lukas.) or just a little bit of converting, but most of the conversion of locals happens through time, and only stabilizing a province, armies on a province could do the same thing with unrest instead of you crushing rebellions before they even start, and if you win, instead of re-annexing that land it should be a vassal, like maybe instead of be winning a Granadian rebellion then they would become a vassal, that is on the same level with your name similar to Eu 4 (Castilian Granada) and this opens up a whole new area that I think deserves a post of itself, but anyways rebellions could also happen in colonies, like that 50% neutral population could form a new civilization, now this part i thing Lukas can do, colonial independent civilizations like maybe New Something depending on their name, once again this deserves a post of its own, and now for my main point, rebellions should be harder to beat, maybe they could be like i said civil wars to change the ideology and if they win it wouldn't be game over, you'd continue as the other ideology and can't change it for a while maybe, this could be extended further as you can try to change the ideology before the time limit and you have to fight your own civil war.

Again all of these are suggestions they don't necessarily need to be added as these would make the game more complex that it's original shape but this is my first chance to be part of an effective and supportive community so I'll try to give as much suggestions as I can.

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Agreed. Revolutions need to happen more often, especially in provinces with high foreign cores, for example, I had an Ottoman province with 98% Persian population and 26% happiness, and it still wouldn't revolt

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