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New teaser that was posted today in discord

As we finally managed to finish the content for Prussia, and now its time to focus on Viceroyalty of Bengal!Β So i decided to make a teaser about the first National Reform of Bengal...
Dealing with the local people
Over the past decades, the entire structure of administration and management of the economy and security of the Viceroy has been completely destroyed. Due to the lack of management and administration, control over our cities and routes is lost, and the bandits have settled in all the roads and mountains and are robbing every merchant. But people have crossed their limits, they are refusing to follow the laws of the government and disrecpecting the royal family of the monarchy. These acts of the local people has made Alivardi Khan very angry, and his patience is over, he can no longer deal with guiding people in a conciliatory manner. So its time to use the power of wrath as a tool to keep the upress the people and criminals. If this act ends successful, we can return the old management and organization of the country and give a boost to the dead economy of the country. However these wrathful reforms can disappoint and the local people and cause a dangerous popular revolution. So now the choice up to you.
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21 hours ago, ArashTheArcher said:

Well of course πŸ˜‚
Italian P&C has a very huge knowledge and a clever mind full i deas. Im almost nowhere compareable to him and i recpect himΒ πŸ™‚

Italian is very clever indeed, I can't lie. It required a lot of knowledge to make all the events in age of imperialismΒ 

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Updates about the current situation

-Planning for Bengali national reforms event tree is almost finished
-I started adding World news events (it's mostly about incidents orΒ natural disasters OR new rising philosophers and stuff about the enlightenment)
-More than 70 events are done!

But most importantly, I am going to touch grass and water because THE PERSIAN NEW YEAR IS JUST 3 DAYS AWAY and it's a holiday for 2 weeks. So im gonna be free.
So im gonna work on the mod a bit more today, make a few major events that are needed, and after that...

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