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Age of Civilizations
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AD772 V3. Vikings

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AD772 V3. Vikings






Experience Early Middle Age -Age Between Savage and Civilization.

Now it has some events. It is wip, but don't remove it - it does its job.

Scenario file only - you dont need any custom civs or leaders pack.

but you can download urban scenery addon if you want.


-Scenario File

download 1546082250680jchnkszz.zip and right click -and click extract to 1546082250680jchnkszz.


Urban Scenery Addon For AD772


How to install

-go to game folder/UI/H/

-backup terrain folder in H folder.

-go to terrain folder and extract U.S.A.zip.


I'll make this scenario a total conversion mod someday!!

But I'll do it step by step.








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Version Update

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V1. 769 Isles Saga

V2. AD772 Isles Saga 

So What's the difference?


-Beothuk is Inuit now

 Because Beothuk culture was formed around AD 1500.

-Iceni is Angles now

No East Anglia in vanilla civs, So I chose Angles. Iceni was removed because It is ancient civ.

-Historical Border Change For Inuits

I couldn't get map for Inuits in this period, but I estimated its border with AD900 map.

At least It's more accurate than former.

-Now civs have 0.25 tech level

To make castle+port available.

And civs make more money with less population.

-Now civs have 5000 starting money

So they can have port in starting turn now.

-Disease Death Rate was Reduced.

+90% - > +45%

-Population Growth was increased.

-90% -> -50%

-No starting capital army

-Mann and Wessex Tech level fixed

I mistook...They had 0.45 tech. Now they have 0.25, which is default.

-Wales Ideology Changed

Tribal -> City State because they migrated periodically.

-Conlonization -> Conquering

More appropriate for early middle ages, and civs have few money to colonize.








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AD772 V3. Vikings


-More Historical Border!

-Tribal Celts! It's a custom civ but you dont have to download, It is a just filler.

-Three Viking countries! They have special invasion system(WIP)

-Inuit Development Lowered!


-No uncolonized land in Ireland

-Gwynendd and Powys!

-Now Iceland is tribal! 




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