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Age of Civilizations
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[VIDEO] How to Install mods (maps and scenario)

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    • By adham3521

    • By adham3521
    • By adham3521
      enjoy the game.....
    • By WorkPlease
      Hi! I just started a modern world scenario (I ruined the original). I know there are some mistakes such as the Brazilan-Argentinian border and the Peru-Brazilian border, but I thought I would upload this so that people don't have to go through the effort of recreating the map as I did.
      Double click the zip file in File Explorer
      Copy the file inside
      Paste it inside Program Files (x86), Steam, steamapps, common, Age of Civilizations II, Map, Earth, scenarios (Not inside all of them, all but scenarios were directions to reach scenarios).
      Have fun! If you have problems with it, just say

    • By MatrixeQ HD Mapping
      Hi after a month of inactivity finally i something upload
      This is World War Zombie (inspired from Neutronex)
      If you don't understand
      First watch this:
      and then watch the second video after first:
      That's all
      Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/uj2gm27voccyxg1/wwz.rar/file
      or download directly here (scroll down)
      MatrixeQ HD Mapping 👊

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