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Bloody Europe II | New update

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13 hours ago, Albert speer said:

Does anyone know how to change government?


This mod made everything 1000× more complicated.

This is election system you have to wait dor diferent times based on your government

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Update for mod Bloody Europe II - 1.2.1
The update was called "Art of War" or the Art of War.

What's added:

• Updating the combat system:

- Now the troops can retreat!

- Added attack bonus for ideologies

- Reworked dice

- Added military tactics. Military tactics will help increase your chance of rolling in dice for a happier outcome, that is, there will be fewer unsuccessful rolls (Battles) and there will be more chances to win the enemy at a good chance. Military tactics can be developed in technologies

- Now there is a chance that the building will break during the battle

Supply system has been updated!
- Now "cauldrons" can be made in national provinces.
- Decreased losses from attrition
- Increased the limit for troops in encirclement to 100 moves
- Increased the debuff to the defense of troops in encirclement
- Improved the situation with landings

Added sources of supply: This is the Port, the supply camp, the capital. If you cut off the supply route from these buildings, then the troops will receive attrition

• Changes in AI:

- AI will now call troops during the war and now AI will use resources better

- Various small AI fixes

• Localization:

Change of localization and adding new lines

• Technologies:

Added military tactics in technologies. You can become a successful strategist with this technology!


- Now you can learn more about the trading system and its dependence on modifiers when hovering over the balance of the country in the top panel during the game

- Now the GDP is better deducted

- Now the trading is better


- Increased the growth of resources

- Added new information for resources in the top panel

- Increased troop limit to 1.000.000 instead of 400.000

• Modding:

New lines in the Ages.json and Governments.json files have been added and tied to the code, which allows you to better work out the era or ideology



MILITARY_TACTICS - This is a military tactic. Each ideology will have its own military tactics. Some are better, some are worse.
GURRILLA - Affects the debuffs received by troops in encirclements.
ATTACK_BONUS - Attack bonus for ideologies

There are new lines that have been added but not yet bound to the code.

• Miscellaneous:

- Increased countries' income from both taxes and production

- Increased population and economic growth rates in all eras (by about 30%)

- Reduced the risk of revolution

- Now technocracy is again available in the ideology selection list

- Now in the Republic (Ideology type) there are elections, instead of reforms

- Removed (Removed for processing) mass construction

- Fixed a bug with the era

- AI

fixed - Supply fixed and reworked

- Resource situation improved The

mod is available for both PC and Android. You can download the update, as always, here - https://vk.com/topic-174673906_39279984

Enjoy the game!

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Comment from someone:

Everything is cool, but there are some bugs in the combat:

1) when you start to pick up a check with a huge army (10K) against a small one (2-3K), then in any case you can’t capture it. And I don't think it's all because of the combat mechanics, because such cases only occur in certain provinces, while in other similar battles, small armies retreat.

2) a diametrically opposite problem arises when you stand with a huge army (60K) in a province WITHOUT FORTIFICATIONS (castle and / or tower) and for some reason small armies penetrate you (from 10K in this case), however this does not happen when there are fortifications.

3) if an enemy army invades your territories with fortifications with a small army, and you cauldron them, then it is impossible to break through from the first turn, regardless of numerical superiority and dice.

The mod is great anyway, keep up the good work!

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1 hour ago, 118_Lyon_118 said:

is it normal that when I try to add a civilization in the scenario editor the game crashes?

Yep bit if you want to try than just try the phone screen not to turn off it should be on everytime

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