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Bloody Europe II | New update

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On 7/3/2022 at 1:14 AM, User someone said:

the second world has k as its last letter


also i didnt mean to offend arab people 

if i offended then i am apologising

Do you have the english keyboard version of 1.2.1?

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Could you add an annexation button which will work like alliance system

Like amount of rounds of vassalization,relations,distance...which will affect probability(not like alliance which makes +1 point enough,the low,medium,high probabilities)

Also i don't have english keyboard in game


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This mod is great,im using it,but I think it would be cool if you could add encirclement mechanic.

Example if you encircle your enemy's army they get -70% defense

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The ressource you guys have added, is It Gold or Iron? And how can I increase It(Is it only by expanding my territory)? 

And If you can add an option in the scenario editor so we can control this ressource. Because the Ai armies stuck in low numbers(20k_50k) because of Its lack.

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Update for the mod Bloody Europe II - 1.2.2
The update was called Blood and Feather "or Blood and Feather.

What's added:

• A new building has been added!

- The new building will be able to bring you resources, build more mines and mines to become the richest!

• New levels for all buildings:

- Now the workshop, the farm have a maximum level of 15.
Fortresses - level 10
Port - level 10
Laboratories - level 10
Observation tower - 5 levels
New building, mine - has 10 levels

For each building, bonuses, requirements have been updated and titles

• Combat system:

-Increased frontage to 25,000 soldiers from 5,000 before.

- Increased defense debuffs for troops caught in a cauldron, almost 2.5 times

- Now defenders' losses are equal to those of attackers, sometimes attackers have more losses

- Now the limit on the army is 2 million


- Now it will not be possible to declare wars while the non-aggression pact is in effect.

- Now countries will not change ideologies, including vassals.

- You can no longer declare war on your allies!

- Now vassals will not declare war on anyone and anyone. They will only be able to declare a war for independence and fulfill the overlord 's demands

- Now you can't declare war on friendly countries

- Now vassals will automatically join the overlord's alliance (works through the offer of vasalization and through the ultimatum)

- AI now creates alliances more often with good relations

- Now if a country is vassalized in a peace conference, the country will change its ideology to the ideology of the overlord

- Now when vassalizing through the "vassalization proposal" the country will change its ideology to the ideology of the overlord

- Now if you demand vassalization in an ultimatum , then agreeing to the conditions, the country will become vassals and change its ideology to the ideology of the overlord

- Now the allies will automatically give the right to pass to their allies (check to see if joint battles with allies will be fixed)

• Ported the Advanced Audio mod for Bloody Europe II and on phones.

This mod changes the music player by adding new features to it:
- When switching tracks, the playlist is not shuffled, and you can conveniently select music.
- When you restart the game, the playlist is shuffled.
- Added new button """ it allows you to play the previous track.
- A new button "Playlist" has been added, it allows you to open a new menu where all the tracks will be displayed, you can also select any track that you like.

Boot menu updated:

- Boot color bled again!

- Added feather to loading menu

- Added group link to loading menu

- Improved Bloody Europe II inscription


- Added 7 new sounds

- Reduced risk of revolution

- Updated translation

- Updated sandbox

- Added a screenshot mod, now if you press the U (d) key, the interface will disappear, and you can take a screenshot without the [PC] interface (it will be added to phones soon!)

- Added a start.bat file to track errors in the mod [PC]

- Partial Resource Improvement

- More than 6 new icons added!

- Added new console commands! - https://vk.com/topic-174673906_47878906

The mod is available for both PC and Android. You can download the update, as always, here - https://vk.com/topic-174673906_39279984

Enjoy the game!

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