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On 7/15/2021 at 3:17 PM, Vaux said:

it is not like holocaust, ottomans didnt line armenians and started shooting them. They just had an accident

What genocide there were nő genocide the turks Just "moved" them away to a "better" place

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On 7/15/2021 at 11:50 PM, OI lo said:

I think it was kind of unintentional and intentional. The central government wanted to deprot the armenians to syria so they would stop causing trouble which honesly they did. The Ottomans were right to blame the armenians for their losses(not the only reason tho). The russian was large but ill trained but the ottomans were highly trained by the british(before the war) and the germans. They even managed to kill like 300000 british and commonwealth troops in a single battle alone. What the british thought to be an easy war instead cost thousands of deaths for the british. Then how did they(ottomans) manage to lose against the ill trained russians? The answer is just how they lost in the middle east. With the help of rebels, this time armenian. Anyways...the central government wanted to deport them to syria but the people incharge were pieces of shit. They mistreated the armenians and killed them even tho the central government did not want that. Hence why it was intentional unintentional




Im not denying the genocide. It was bad but know that it was probably not the government's intention at first. There might have been some supporting the genocide in the government too. Anyways what happened was just sad


7 minutes ago, sussolini said:

no i speek amerikan

mr. average racist can you please read this article

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8 hours ago, sussolini said:

here's a good article


and this one cites sources


another good article

They couldn't have grown that much in a few years.

how to make contradiction.mp4

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