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17 hours ago, Serb said:

In scenario editor when you put asia as wasteland all water provinces also become wasteland, can you fix this?

That's a bug from the original game. The "map editor" has a lot of bugs and when you change a connection the province changes to Asia automatically and when it is a water province you can't change it.

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On 3/22/2020 at 11:12 PM, Serb said:

You are about...2 days too late, jokes aside can you be more precise?

spring STARTS march 21st. he said it will be done between today (unlikely) and june 21st. He is probably going to  release it in at least a month honestly. It looks like he is into something else.

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Can you remove some civilizations that dont have any reason to be in game , not America but states like Iowa, Washington, many tribes and some smaller countries that are outside of Bloody europe map, it would make game less lagy.

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1 hour ago, Serb said:

Can you remove some civilizations that dont have any reason to be in game , not America but states like Iowa, Washington, many tribes and some smaller countries that are outside of Bloody europe map, it would make game less lagy.

@Suzema that's a great idea though.

By the way, you can make it yourself, there are some posts about how to do it in this forum 😉

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Scenarios for new Europe map (4434 provs):
-Modern World

-1444 (I don't have all Europe screenshot)*

-1936 (Spain fixed)




-Cold War




-Religion Wars


-Ethnic Wars






-Fall of Serbian Empire


-Fryske Frijheid


At some screenshot you can see a new background


Growth temps


Terrain types


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      O mod contém com alguns bugs... Exemplo caso você de um simples toque no cenário escrito ERROR o jogo crasha e saí, outro bug é a bandeira da Síria que esta bugada.
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      MOBILE (not available for not)
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      Mundos Exiliados 
      ¿Qué sucedió este ultimo año?
      Tras haber pasado casi un año desde que publique mi primer post en esta comunidad, he vuelto, para terminar lo que alguna vez en el pasado deje. Aquel "antiguo" proyecto llamado "Mundos Exiliados" el cual por razones de cansancio e inexperiencia no pude completar.
      Hoy 25 de enero de 2022 puedo presentar otra vez el mismo proyecto pero de una manera diferente.
      “En un antiguo mundo sonaban los tambores de guerra, mientras el cielo era sofocado por una nube de humo y fuego, que desde las naciones más fuertes provenía, buscando la guerra.  
      Que dios se apiade de nuestras almas, porque mientras peleamos contra nuestros hermanos, las hordas de la oscuridad renacen con inigualable poder...  
      La guerra está cerca y su grito se escucha desde la lejanía, desde el más puro hasta los herejes, ninguno se salvará.” 

      Características que presenta este nuevo mundo:
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      +Nuevas Historias con eventos únicos
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      muchas gracias por apoyar el proyecto. Un saludo cordial y me despido. Buenas tardes
    • By Uagquq
      Age of democracy 4 is a hoi4 style ww2 addon + mod 
      300+ new leaders
      Working elections (for the United States, China, Germany, British raj, Spain, etc

      New focus trees for thee united states (normal hoi4 focus tree), the soviet union (new no step back focus tree with new democratic focus trees), united kingdom (new fascist monarch tree), Japan, British raj(whole new focus tree), Communist China, France, Spain, Poland (new no step back focus tree), Austria, China, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, 
      New ideologies like Falangism, Anarchism, Democratic Socialism, Rexism
      leaders will change when they change ideologies through focus or puppeted
      UPDATE:I just added all the reichskommissariat leaders (you can form the reichskommissariat after you have done the "form the reichskommissariat" focus)

      21|1|22 UPDATE:I have started adding the soviet union focuses and starting to add the democratic tree (kerensky portrait is from new ways mod for hoi4)

      23|1|22 UPDATE:I have added the german british puppet portraits (also bukharin portrait that i forgot about it in the last update)

      26/1/22 UPDATE:I have started work on the communist Chinese focus tree
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        The Red Order takes place in the times where you experience the Cold War as its "coldest". But of course there is a little twist to it, some of the things didn't go like OTL thus caused things to get a little bit different and sometimes "quirky".
      General Features of TRO:
      -Manually colored portraits for each leader.
      -A brand new UI and new ideologies
      -New provinces to enhance gameplay
      -And many graphical changes to fit the atmosphere

        If you are somewhat active on r/ageofcivilizations, you might have seen my teasers and leaks for the mod. I have been developing this project for over 4 months now and I think it was the time to open a forum page for it. We already have a discord server(https://discord.gg/3gR2vSThe6) and I really recommend you to join to keep updated.

        A common question people ask me about TRO is when will it release, first of all I want to state that I won't give an exact date and say that I will finish on this date etc. I am just giving a general idea for the release date, TRO's release patch "Heia Safari" will release in this spring.
      "Heia Safari" Patch will include:
      -Full contents for Algeria, Burkina Faso and Zaïre
      -Half of the planned content for the 5th French Republic(Rest of it will be added when other French tags recieve content)
      -And partial content for South Africa, Cuba, MPLA and UNITA

      (To give an idea of the UI and portraits)


      Don't forget to join our discord https://discord.gg/3gR2vSThe6
      special thanks to; UlutasErn, Mussolini-64, San Marinou, Albert, Aren, Sussus Amogus and many others who helped me come this far...
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