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Łukasz, please add these provinces

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When I play as Goguryeo in 5AD and when I conquer the province of Vladivostok(the one right east of North Korea), since its such a big province it made an unnatural "bulge" in my borders.

I also want to make a mod related to it, but they don't fit in the large provinces(since I have to cram two civilizations in one province I need to not include one in the mod).

And some provinces in Manchuria are very chunky and kinda distracts me and would create border gore(and it is unnatural).

So I redrew some borders of the provinces(for example I split the Vladivostok province in half) in the region to make it more natural when playing.


So can you please add these in the game?(I know this sound cringey but im serious)

Thank you.

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Guest Irisierende

Agreed, the Manchuria borders (and the Far East Russian borders to a lesser extent) are rather unsatisfying to look at, at least at the moment.

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