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Age of Civilizations

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Honest Development Secrets Vol. I: The "new thing to come" is an entirely new scenario that I worked on all day today, might work on it tomorrow, might forget about it for half a year, probably the former. Don't get ur hopes that far up but know that I'm working on it 

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Updated! 0.04 includes the first version of the Brand New scenario, The Civil War Improved. Keep in mind this is the first version of it, and the map is not finished yet. And yes, this does mean that I am putting development for SPQR2 on hold. It's sad, but that scenario has always been a mess as the 7 of you who downloaded version 0.03.5 can attest. Well enjoy guys, and no I do not have a timetable on when the next update will be released, though it will have an easier way to install included 

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On 1/22/2020 at 5:03 AM, Shiite said:

Small development update: Added events for Sibley's New Mexico campaign, but I'm reluctant to keep developing for this scenario as I'm waiting for germoney to finish the map

also i think we should need more pages on this to make it #1 again

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