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As you know the normal AoC2 has about 80 formable civilizations. Conqueror's II will have over 200 formable civs. 
In addition, we will make the game more fun by adding new systems that we have added for the Ottoman Empire, Italy and Greece for more civilizations.

As I said, the Modern World scenario in the Conqueror's II will be improved. Provinces with oil will be made more valuable.

We improved the graphics. A strategy game should have a bit darkly graphics, so the new graphics a bit darker than the old one.
But if you like the old one, we'll put the old background to "backgrounds" folder too. So you can use it too.

You won't need to delete your own AoC2 to install the Conqueror's II on Android. We'll change the sign, so you can play your own AoC2 or another AoC2 mod and Conqueror's II at the same time.

Conqueror's II will have some new civilizations too. About 50-60 new civilizations will be added in this mod.

We completed the Conqueror's II - EU4 Extended Timeline Map. This map will have 3698 provinces. So you won't have any problem on Android devices.

The Conqueror's II UI will be made for all of the User Interface levels. So you can see the icons, new UI etc. in all of the User Interface levels.

There will be about 40 scenarios in the Conqueror's II. We'll just do the EU4 - Extended Timeline Scenarios and maybe some mini-war scenarios.


AoC2ModdingTR Team
Kerem Yılmaz - Urdekreiz - Ege Ceylan - UlutasErn - Visegrad Mapping - Gurren Lagann - Adil




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37 minutes ago, That_mAntis said:

Will there be most common and well known war scenarios? such was ww1? interwar period? Cold War, Weimar republic(world after ww1)?

Sure, Extended Timeline Mod include WW1, WW2 and some other big wars already.

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5 hours ago, That_mAntis said:

Will the colonies in ww1 scenario be puppets?  Will the governement types also be fixed? unlike in the fate of the world mod, where communist countries are listed as democracies.

Maybe we can do some puppets as you said. Also the governments will be fixed for sure. 👍

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