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Bloody Europe II | New update

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52 minutes ago, ARITIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE said:


 In fact, Suzema left the forum for a short time between the end of 2020 and June 2021. He also said that he was tired of making mods and expressed his apologies and said that everyone can edit his mods. You can ask if you don't believe

yeah we can edit Vr 1.0.0 for free

but he copied Vr 1.1.2 without trans-amur's credit. he should have credited him to show who edited code.

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53 minutes ago, ARITIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE said:

There are so many good mods in the forum, why just pay attention to it here

1. Its an old mod, so many old players are familiar with it

2. It adds lots of New civilizations, scenarios and provinces

3. Most importantly, it changes the in game code in many ways, creating a new experience for new and old players alike

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Okay, maybe this mod is actually kinda good. I played it for a few hours just now and am starting to get the hang of it

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woa nice finally after 3 months there is an update! now the diplomacy bug is no more and i can continue playing as communist western europe

this mod is so amazing and fun! keep on the work, sir!

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On 10/20/2021 at 10:59 AM, Basileia Ton Rhomaion said:

Yea BEII is updated on VK but it may be in English yes but we'll the keyboard doesn't work 


On 10/20/2021 at 5:52 PM, Lipark Japanese modder said:

all command was transfared to russian language


Well shit

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On 4/28/2021 at 3:07 PM, Trans-Amur said:


Hey! I know you are working really hard on this, but in a far future, will there ever be a "bloody world" scenario?

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On 5/29/2021 at 9:00 AM, Trans-Amur said:

CFG class method getCostOfRecruitArmyMoney I have 0xa this is the number 10 in the hexadecimal number system, you will have 0x5, you can put any value, for example 100, the number 100 in the hexadecimal number system will be 0x64


hey @Trans-Amur can you explain to me how to change minimum army to attack an province with images pls? i dont know the exact smali and exact line where its noted

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    • By Golo
      I'am currently working on this Lord of the Rings themed Mod for Age of Civilisations II.
      It Will feature:
      1. A large Map with several Thousand provinces. 
      2. An abundance of different scenarios
      3. Many Formable Civilisations such as Arnor and Númenor
      4. Events for the most important Nations
      5. A Fellowship of the Ring Eventchain
      6. Leaders for all Major Realms
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      12. A nice Custom Icon 
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      For the Rest of November I plan on aading the eastern and southern coastline. I will also work on Far Harad and add a few hundred provinces to this little populated region. If I have more time which I asume I will add provinces to the east and complete Rhun. I will also remake Ithilien and the remnants of Numenor because they look pretty ugly right now.

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      After seeing a lack of simplified maps, I decided to make one of my own. Keep in mind that this is my first mod and that I had no previous experience doing something like this. Anyways, here is a mod with 22 scenarios, +2 joke ones, 25 new civilizations, 29 formables and only 533 provinces.
      This map encompasses North America, The Caribbean, North Africa, Part of Asia Minor and Asia Central and Europe. I apologize in advance if you see any border error.
      I hope you all enjoy this mod made by me.
      - Simplified Sam - aka Based
      MOD (With background): Terranova.rar
            ·This version it's already preinstalled for you, so you don't have to do anything except download and extract the file, it only contains the Terranova map (with scenarios and civilizations) and nothing else. Have fun.
      MOD FOR ANDROID: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ppwFQQJylW9l_z-rej9bqJerVMyha2FG/view?usp=sharing
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      Mod for Android with Addon+ (Made by Lta):
           ·Tip for mobile users:
           ·If the loading screen stops at 49% or other percentage, just close and reopen the app, it fixes itself.
           ·If you try to change the map from the map you currently are to Terranova and it stops in at the loading screen. 
                          Go to Settings --> Map: "The map you currently are" --> Select Terranova --> Select Scale x1 - [4440x2600]
      - Map, provinces and coding (Terranova); made by Simplified Sam (Based)
      - Adaptation for Addon 1.4.1; made by Lta
      Follow me and this topic if you enjoyed my mod, and leave some feedback in the comments. It was a fun experience creating this. 😄
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      dlc017_original_soundtrack (some)
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      Hello im trying to make An 20 century mod for aoh2
      Terrain - 25%
      Scenario - 100%
      Events - 5%
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