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Italian PeC

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So my way of going over said limit is by having less time pass every turn, and having all events in the game have a re-established time , making it so that I dont risk having events skipped. I hope this will work, but cant know for sure. As lipark said, there is no real event limitΒ  as long as you calibrate the event datesΒ right, but then again,Β  that also means you have to choose whether to make your mod appear with less content (people will get bored if in 100 turns there have been only 3 events, even if it means that there might be 1000 turns of events) or if you want it to appear with more content but unfortunately with less events.

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9 minutes ago, Anjeliux said:

Looks great but it will be only in Europe or it will also include the rest of the world?, I get it if its only Europe bc well, the Napoleonic Wars were almost completely in EuropeΒ 

Europe, north Africa,Β  and the middle east.

The napoleonic wars solely concentrated in this area so putting the rest of the world would be uselessΒ 

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On 11/14/2021 at 6:16 PM, Italian PeC said:


One of the periods highly Ignored by AoH2 modders is the Napoleonic Era. There is currently no mod with This 12-15 year old period as the focus, and after the success of Age of Imperialism (which was focused on 1815-1870), it's time to change thisΒ and to start to look at the time right behind it.



The mod includes new features and events, just look down to get a taste of them:




I was making one but you were before me, gl I guess

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On 12/27/2021 at 8:31 AM, Albert speer said:

Will it be possible to win as Napoleonic France?

InΒ the invasion of Russia and it's battles like the battle of Moscow, Minsk,etc will these all be separate events?

Will the most famous battles be included like the battle of Austerlitz,lepzig, Berlin, pyramids, Waterloo?

I'm excited as can be.


2)i suppose

3)not sure, since including alternate timelines means the same battles might not occur

4)Glad to hear that

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