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In the 1792 scenario, Andrew Jackson is the president of the U.S., which is incorrect, since George Washington was president at that time. Also, the uncolonized part of the U.S. southeast (Including Georgia and parts of Alabama) should be apart of the U.S. at this point.

Also, if you separate Jamaica from Haiti (which you should), it was a English/British colony from 1670-1962 and should be apart of Britain in all of the affected scenarios.

Edited by Tasty
Britain wasn't formed until 1707 so Jamaica would be an English colony before then

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3 hours ago, Poland_in_1939 said:

no problem, im trying to help as i can, btw will you add alternative scenarios like kaiserreich etc?

Yes. The next update is "Conquerors of the New Age". So there will be new scenarios for between 1399 - 2020 years and for sure, there will be alternative scenarios too. (Kaiserreich scenario completed btw :D)

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1 minute ago, Kerems2434 said:

Yes. The next update is "Conquerors of the New Age". So there will be new scenarios for between 1399 - 2020 years and for sure, there will be alternative scenarios too. (Kaiserreich scenario completed btw :D)

sounds Great! It will be biggest mod ever propably

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42 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:



Inaccuracies in the map:

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are facing off against reds, the US occupies Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, Makhno, as well as several republican and soviet governments are in ukraine, and Hungary owns slovakia if you start the scenario with the beginning of the Turkish War of Independence.

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ay un problema y es que Rusia esta demasiado poderosa en el primera guerra mundial que puede derrotar a Alemania y Austria junto a Francia. Rusia en ese momento no era tan poderoso incluso fue un frente fácil para los alemanes y austriacos que fue aplastada por las fuerzas alemanas y austriacas terminando saliendo de la guerra 

otro es Jamaica es parte de una provincia de Haití y eso es un error ya que Jamaica fue una colonia británica 

ay islas en el caribe sin colonizar incluso siguen sin colonizar en los años que fueron colonizadas

ay islas cerca de España y Portugal que deberían ser españolas y portuguesas pero sale no colonizados y en los años que deberían pertenecer a España y Portugal aun siguen sin colonizar

otro problema es el sur de chile y argentina ya que argentina y chile terminarían repartiendo en forma de 50 grados archipiélago fueguino que si no saben que es busquen en el google

espero que arreglen esos problemas en las próximas actualizaciones

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17 hours ago, Anti spam-bot said:

@Kerems2434Bu yolunu seç sistemi sadece türk devletlerine değilde ileride daha çok ülkeye gelse daha güzel olur. Özellike en güçlü ülkelere (Rusya, Çin, Almanya vb.).

Evet, daha fazla devlete 4.güncelleme ile eklenecek. 4.güncelleme tamamen bu sistemleri arttırmaya yönelik olacak.

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On 12/21/2020 at 2:07 PM, Dorukdmr said:

Abi nasıl yükleyecem bilmiyorum mobil cihazdayım ve anlamadım yardım  edermisiniz

Reis konunun ana sayfasına git. Orada aşağıda bir video var. O videoya git, açıklamadaki mobil linkinden indir.

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6 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

In the description of the video (you can see the video in the main page) 동영상 설명에서(메인페이지에서 동영상을 볼 수 있음)


6 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

In the description of the video (you can see the video in the main page)

I cant understand

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    • By rzg0ld3n
      Ever tired of those bloated mods that say they add 90+ scenarios but they're all a few years apart?
      Ever wanted a mod which spans from ancient history to alt future, without losing that vanilla feel to the game?
      No? Well bad luck! That's exactly what my mod will do.
      The RZ's Extended Timeline mod i've done is based off the mod of same name for EU4. The plan is to create various scenarios spanning from the ancient times to ~2100. These scenarios will mostly be full world maps, NOT small regions. I will use all custom civilizations because it's hard to fix vanilla countries/leaders (Hitler controls communist germany in 1999?? come on!!!!), even if it's very time consuming. It will also add various ideologies and fixes to main game. The mod will use the vanilla AOC2 map with different backgrounds so low requirement/mobile players can still play perfectly.
      Currently Added:
      New Realistic style map (thanks @urdekreiz for the map) 149 new Custom Civ's for all time that the mod covers (yet to add more) 4 new ideologies, (Social Democracy, Roman Government, Valorism, Antifascist) currently planning to add more Reworked Ages  Planned:
      More ideologies More custom civ's Scenarios: At the beginning... (300 BC) Dawn of the World (1 AC) Roman-Parthian War (58)* Pax Romana (117) End of the Romans (335)+ Barbarian Migration (395)* Rise of Islam (637) The Frankish Empire (780) Stamford Bridge Battle (1066) The Third Crusade (1187)* The Mongol Invasion (1206) Rise of the Ottomans (1444) The Seven Years War (1756) The French Revolution (1789) Crowning of Queen Victoria (1836) American Civil War (1861)* World War I (1914) World War II (1936) The Cold War (1947) Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)* Millennium Dawn (2000) New World Order (2045) World War III (2057) Road to 2100 (2062) *: Map of region(s), not entire world
      +: In Development
      ^: Finished
      I will publish pics of some scenarios soon, but the mod won't be finished in quite the time because i'm just 1 person working on it and it's really time consuming.
      Here's Europe from the 335 scenario I'm currently working on, any suggestions are accepted:

    • By İmperial Sealand
      This mod is a mod which is related to MEIOU & Taxes mod of Europa Universalis IV.
      Huge mount of Formable Nations with formable systems
      Lots of Events for scenarios with events
      A unique map with MEIOU & Taxes provinces
      lots of Leaders
      New Ideologies with Familial systems
      -Charles IV's Golden Bull (no events)
      -Charles IV's Golden Bull (with events)
      -Rise of Ottomans (1444) (no events)
      -Rise of Ottomans (1444) (With Events)
      Maybe some more scenarios in future but We can't promise right now
      Provinces: All of Europe, Africa and Half of Asia
      Ideologies: 0%
      Ages: 100%
      Scenarios: 0%
      Formable nations: 0%
      Events: 0%
      UI: 0%
      if you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact me on discord (  Empire of Sealand#3901 )
      Developers: @Simon Wilford @İmperial Sealand @BarışMançocu
      Special thanks to (Credits):
      - @Kerems2434for allowing us to use his formable nations system idea
      - @Mkaand @urdekreizfor making background
      - @Italian PeCfor allowing us to use his event trees idea
    • By RetroCube
      Hi !
      Today, I decided to download conqueror's 2 mod , The Download & Extracting Went Smoothly ! , But When I run the Aoc2.jar In CMD & The Loading reaches 99% , The Game crashes & I Get This :
      AoC2: getFileNames: game/leaders/ Exception in thread "LWJGL Application" java.lang.NullPointerException at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Game.loadScenario(Game.java:2143) at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Menu_InitGame.loadAssets(Menu_InitGame.java:352) at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Menu_InitGame.access$000(Menu_InitGame.java:24) at age.of.civilizations2.jakowski.lukasz.Menu_InitGame$1$1.run(Menu_InitGame.java:59) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.executeRunnables(LwjglApplication.java:259) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.mainLoop(LwjglApplication.java:210) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$1.run(LwjglApplication.java:126) Please Help !
    • By Kerems2434
      Conqueror's II / What if Trotsky Becomes Leader of USSR? (DETAILED SCENARIO)
      One of our modders, @İmperial Sealand, has designed a new scenario for Conqueror's II.
      This scenario is about "What if Trotsky Becomes Leader of USSR?". This is a really detailed scenario.
      There are 93 events in this scenario. So if you love play the game with events, this scenario is a good choice for you.
      With Lenin's death in 1924, the Soviet Union was shaken, and many Politburo members did not know what to do. Finally, in 1925, Trotsky took over with the support of the Red Army and students, but there were too many names in the Politburo that opposed him. Trotsky had to be careful.
      In Germany, the German Social Democratic Party cooperated with the Communists against the incoming Nazi threat, and in 1928, with Trotsky's support, the Communists came to power in Germany and drove the Nazis out of the country. After communist rule, the monarchists captured Prussia and established the Kingdom of Prussia.
      The Nazis came to Austria and formed a party and came to power in 1932. They then formed an Axis alliance with Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria. In addition, the Nazis had secret organizations in Switzerland and Germany.
      In Italy, the Communist Party staged a coup led by Mussolini and waved the red flag.
      France, on the other hand, was going through a very turbulent period, and the Communists were getting stronger every day.
      Spain, like France, was in a turbulent period.
      In Brazil, there was a communist coup.
      In Asia, Japan-China tensions were about to turn into a war.
      The states of Czechoslovakia and Galicia, on the other hand, were experiencing tensions with the Axis powers.
      In the same way, Hungary, Bulgaria and the USSR claimed rights on the territory of Romania.

      @İmperial Sealand
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